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Warbands are thematically grouped players either because of costuming, game organisation or roleplaying reasons. Warbands can consist of roleplayers and NRPs, as numbers will generally overcome the difficulty of a lack of character progression for Non-Roleplaying Players.

  • Size: Minimum size is 5 players. Maximum size is determined in a scenario of a game
  • Organisation: The warband must have a leader, and may organise other positions of authority internally
  • Class list: A warband may field up to 1 spellcaster of each type for every 15 other classes present

Warbands will usually fulfill NPC roles (roleplaying usually only occurs in parties). Members of the warband are all considered to be NRPs and will not be playing their own character(s). However, they still earn XP for performing as an NPC which can be spent on their character(s).

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