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Character Advancement

Advancement occurs through earning XP and earning awards

Earning XP

Both roleplaying players and non-roleplaying players earn Experience Points. As this is recorded by GMs and it requires no player paperwork. How XP is spent varies between those that roleplay and those that don't.

Action XP
Attending a Game session 1
Costuming 1
Being awarded the MVP or player's choice 1
Character Backstory (roleplayers only) 5
Session Report (roleplayers only) 1

Spending XP

  • Non-roleplaying players (NRP) must convert XP to Gold, it can't be used for anything else.
  • Roleplayers may converty unspent XP to Gold, or use it to advance their character.

1 XP converts to 100 Gold


There are three levels of power a character can obtain. These may only be used in scenarios specically designed for roleplaying

Level XP cost to obtain
Green 0
Adventurer 10
Veteran 20 (must be an Adventurer first)

Note In real world terms, veterans often have superior combat skills to non-roleplayers and green roleplayers. Scenarios should be designed around this disparity in skill levels.

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