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Green Level Spells

The default spells that a spellcaster can use. Non-Roleplaying Players (NRPs) will only use these spells.

Name Word Count Used by Type Effect
Fireball 20 Mage, Battle Mage Ranged 2 HP damage
Lightning Bolt 35 Mage, Battle Mage Ranged 3 HP damage
Freeze 30 Mage, Battle Mage Ranged Target is frozen for a 20 count
Heal 25 Cleric Touch Living non-cleric target is healed up to 3HP
Cure 40 Cleric Touch Dead non-cleric target is brought back to life with up to 6HP
Revive 55 Cleric Self Caster comes back to life with full HP. Enemies must stay away from a reviving cleric
Sanctuary Special Cleric Warband Usable once per game phase. Requires a loud 30 count with the word “sanctuary” repeated. Warband members (alive or dead) must gather during the count, to the cleric and are healed to full health. Everyone else must move at least 3 meters away from the cleric until the end of the count
Harm 30 Necromancer Ranged Transfers 2HP to the Necromancer. Up to the Necromancer's Steal Life limit. After which it just causes damage to the target like a Fireball
Raise 30 Necromancer Ranged Target is brought back to life with half their HP (rounded up)
Resurrect 55 Necromancer Self Caster comes back to life with full HP. Any friendly player within 3 meters is brought back to life with half their HP (rounded up). Enemies must stay away from a resurrecting necromancer

Adventurer Level Spells

Added to a spellcaster's repertoire when they reach Adventurer level

Name Word Count Used by Type Effect
Curse Weapon 35 Necromancer Touch As Harm but damage is transferred from the necromancer's weapon's hits. Lasts until the necromancer takes damage
Firestorm 25 Mage Ranged As Fireball but mage can throw 2 spell balls, one after another (shout fireball with each)
Mass Heal 30 Cleric Touch As Heal but cleric can lay hands on two people at once

Defaults for all spells

  • Casting a spell always requires that the caster stays still, does not attack or defend themselves. If the caster is damaged (or moves) during a spell, it is disrupted and if they still wish to cast it, they must begin over again.
  • The caster must say a number of words and end the spell by saying its name so everyone effected can hear.
  • If a spell has a range, it requires a spell ball to be thrown - a hand sized foam or other soft light object (lighter than a tennis ball). These follow the same rules as other thrown weapons.
  • All spells ignore armour and shields. If it hits someone, their weapon, their armour or their shield - that person is affected by the spell.
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