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 01 The Setting Imagine all of time and space, the entire universe and everything in it. Imagine multiple dimensions, alternate realities, alternate Earths whe…, ,
 04 The Spiral Politic spiralpolitic index setting
 Academicians for Game Logic Great House game theorists setting participant homeworlder great_houses tier5, , , ,
 Anchormen Specialised male witchbloods setting participant remote tier3, , ,
 Brookhaven's Follies setting participant remote tier3, , ,
 Citizens This is a definition of the kinds of people you would find in The City of the Saved. A broad definition is every genetically near human and their des…,
 Conceptual Entities " Engineered beings or weapons (in many cases conceptual entities are both) which exist only as concepts, and have no provable substance a…, , ,
 Cwejen cloned frontline troops setting participant homeworlder house_military tier6, , , ,
 Eremites Rejectionist hermits predating Faction Paradox setting participant homeworlder great_houses tier5, , , ,
 Everyone of Possible Import Beings, characters and even objects both sapient, sentient or even non-. To be added to your game as you see fit or left adrift un…, ,
 Faction Hollywood setting participant remote tier3, , ,
 Faction Paradox " The only House to have left the Homeworld en masse and defied every protocol of the ruling Houses just for the sake of it. In the years le…, , ,
 Ghetto of the Damned setting participant lesser tier2, , ,
 Homeworlders Homeworlders make up five of the seven major Participants in the War in Heaven. Albeit they are a minority in Faction Paradox and the Celestis ar…, ,
 House Halfling setting participant lesser tier2, , ,
 Human Space (Fractured Empire) [Human Space] A conglomeration of several systems with no central government. * So much potential, so much waste. * How ca…, , ,
 Investigators detective/assassin conceptual beings given physical form setting participant homeworlder celestis tier6, , , ,
 Known Planets Atrius Peaceful, wealthy and technologically advanced. One of the most important worlds in humanspace, it is particularly reknowned for its adv…, , ,
 Lesser Species Lesser species (as classified by The Great Houses) covers just about everyone that isn't a homeworlder. Attributes Lesser species come in al…, ,
 Nechronmancers dead-time weaponsmiths setting participant homeworlder house_military tier6, , , ,
 Nunaha'wu setting participant remote tier3, , ,
 Order of the Dragon setting participant lesser tier2, , ,
 Order of the Weal Rationalist cult setting participant homeworlder great_houses tier5, , , ,
 Order of the White Peacock setting participant lesser tier2, , ,
 Participants The War-Time Powers and their allies as well as other groups that have interests in the same areas as Faction Paradox The Seven Major Powers and …,
 Peyote Dream Runners setting participant remote tier3, , ,
 Redemption Cult an extremist cult within the troops (notably the regen-inf) setting participant homeworlder house_military tier6, , , ,
 [Setting - All about the places in post-apoc Earth] Setting * Questions on the Campaign * World Building Questions - just some stuff I thought might be he…,
 [Setting - All about the powers that be in the galaxy] Setting The powers of the Galaxy [The Old Imperium] The Old Imperium (Fallen Empire) [The Robot Rac…,
 Sons of Tepes setting participant lesser tier2, , ,
 Space Stations and Settlements Clifftop Station A large station at the top of Samarkand's space elevator. Adventures * cliff_hangar The Handmaiden's Sta…, , , ,
 Spaceships PC Ships [Model] The Lady Jane * The Lady Jane Player Notes * Aspects of * Shank Retrieval Claw * Smuggler Deterrent Blaster * Me…,
 The Broken Remote setting participant remote tier3, , ,
 The Celestis [The Celestis] " By their very nature, they only exist on the sidelines of the War. Once an elite cadre among the Houses,, when they realised th…, , , ,
 The City of the Saved For Humanity, the War is over... We all remember Resurrection Day. Even now, three centuries later, we cannot forget that awakening: our…, ,
 The Cult Of Celebrity Death Celebrities that became members of the Faction setting participant faction tier4, , ,
 The Edimmu setting participant lesser tier2, , ,
 The Eleven-day Empire "Let's be honest: it's the stupid questions in life that get the best answers. For example, here's some history for you. See what you ma…,
 The Enemy " The Houses have only fought a war on one prior occasion, at the very beginning of recordable history. The damage it did to the structure of the …, , ,
 The Grand Families setting participant lesser tier2, , ,
 The Grandfather "Aeons in the past, on a planet very near the centre of the galaxy, ancient automatic defence systems spontaneously activated themselves, an…,
 The Great Houses [The Great Houses] " The static, aristocratic bloodlines which have - traditionally - been seen as responsible for the structure of the Spir…, , , ,
 The House Military [The House Military] " Safe in their enclave at the dead centre of history, in the past it's been rare for members of the Great Houses to …, , , ,
 The Lesser Species " The term was coined by the Great Houses, so naturally “lesser species” can he read as meaning “anyone not connected to one of the House…, , ,
 The Lords Celestial the ruling class within Mictlan setting participant homeworlder celestis tier6, , , ,
 The New Young Gods setting participant remote tier3, , ,
 The North Los Angeles Cabal The predecessor of Faction Hollywood setting participant faction tier4, , ,
 The Old Imperium (Fallen Empire) [The Old Imperium] Mysterious race of ancients, gone from the Galaxy. * Overly reliant on huge spaceships * Enigmatic...b…, , ,
 The Piltdown Mob setting participant lesser tier2, , ,
 The Red Burial 500 Russian ghosts used to defend the Thirteen-Day Republic setting participant faction tier4, , ,
 The Remonstration Bureau setting participant lesser tier2, , ,
 The Remote " If there's one word that describes Faction Paradox it's fetishisfic. The Faction's followers delight in icons, in totems, in signs, symbols and…, , ,
 The Robot Race (Servitors of the ancients) [The Robot Race] The robots are independent units, highly variable in form, but trending towards human size. * C…, , ,
 The Rump Parliament Faction members in the City of the Saved setting participant faction tier4, , ,
 The Shelley Cabal setting participant faction tier4, , ,
 The Sirius Compact (Trade Syndicate) [The Sirius Compact] A pan-galactic trade syndicate - humans, aliens, robots, whoever. * Monopolies = money. Money = p…, , ,
 The Society of St. George setting participant lesser tier2, , ,
 The Thirteen-Day Republic setting participant faction tier4, , ,
 The Void (Crime Syndicate) [The Void] A pan-galactic crime syndicate - mostly humans, some robots and aliens. * Honourable - in their own distinct fashion.…, , ,
 The Whole History of Everything One of the many possible timelines. Feel free to use as much or as little as you need, it's primarily here to add inspiration …, , ,