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  01 The Setting Imagine all of time and space, the entire universe and everything in it. Imagine multiple dimensions, alternate realities, alternate Earths whe… , ,
  04 The Spiral Politic spiralpolitic index setting
  Academicians for Game Logic Great House game theorists setting participant homeworlder great_houses tier5 , , , ,
  Anchormen Specialised male witchbloods setting participant remote tier3 , , ,
  Brookhaven's Follies setting participant remote tier3 , , ,
  Citizens This is a definition of the kinds of people you would find in The City of the Saved. A broad definition is every genetically near human and their des… ,
  Conceptual Entities " Engineered beings or weapons (in many cases conceptual entities are both) which exist only as concepts, and have no provable substance a… , , ,
  Cwejen cloned frontline troops setting participant homeworlder house_military tier6 , , , ,
  Eremites Rejectionist hermits predating Faction Paradox setting participant homeworlder great_houses tier5 , , , ,
  Everyone of Possible Import Beings, characters and even objects both sapient, sentient or even non-. To be added to your game as you see fit or left adrift un… , ,
  Faction Hollywood setting participant remote tier3 , , ,
  Faction Paradox " The only House to have left the Homeworld en masse and defied every protocol of the ruling Houses just for the sake of it. In the years le… , , ,
  Ghetto of the Damned setting participant lesser tier2 , , ,
  Homeworlders Homeworlders make up five of the seven major Participants in the War in Heaven. Albeit they are a minority in Faction Paradox and the Celestis ar… , ,
  House Halfling setting participant lesser tier2 , , ,
  Human Space (Fractured Empire) [Human Space] A conglomeration of several systems with no central government. * So much potential, so much waste. * How ca… , , ,
  Investigators detective/assassin conceptual beings given physical form setting participant homeworlder celestis tier6 , , , ,
  Known Planets Atrius Peaceful, wealthy and technologically advanced. One of the most important worlds in humanspace, it is particularly reknowned for its adv… , , ,
  Lesser Species Lesser species (as classified by The Great Houses) covers just about everyone that isn't a homeworlder. Attributes Lesser species come in al… , ,
  Nechronmancers dead-time weaponsmiths setting participant homeworlder house_military tier6 , , , ,
  Nunaha'wu setting participant remote tier3 , , ,
  Order of the Dragon setting participant lesser tier2 , , ,
  Order of the Weal Rationalist cult setting participant homeworlder great_houses tier5 , , , ,
  Order of the White Peacock setting participant lesser tier2 , , ,
  Participants The War-Time Powers and their allies as well as other groups that have interests in the same areas as Faction Paradox The Seven Major Powers and … ,
  Peyote Dream Runners setting participant remote tier3 , , ,
  Redemption Cult an extremist cult within the troops (notably the regen-inf) setting participant homeworlder house_military tier6 , , , ,
  [Setting - All about the places in post-apoc Earth] Setting * Questions on the Campaign * World Building Questions - just some stuff I thought might be he… ,
  [Setting - All about the powers that be in the galaxy] Setting The powers of the Galaxy [The Old Imperium] The Old Imperium (Fallen Empire) [The Robot Rac… ,
  Sons of Tepes setting participant lesser tier2 , , ,
  Space Stations and Settlements Clifftop Station A large station at the top of Samarkand's space elevator. Adventures * cliff_hangar The Handmaiden's Sta… , , , ,
  Spaceships PC Ships [Model] The Lady Jane * The Lady Jane Player Notes * Aspects of * Shank Retrieval Claw * Smuggler Deterrent Blaster * Me… ,
  The Broken Remote setting participant remote tier3 , , ,
  The Celestis [The Celestis] " By their very nature, they only exist on the sidelines of the War. Once an elite cadre among the Houses,, when they realised th… , , , ,
  The City of the Saved For Humanity, the War is over... We all remember Resurrection Day. Even now, three centuries later, we cannot forget that awakening: our… , ,
  The Cult Of Celebrity Death Celebrities that became members of the Faction setting participant faction tier4 , , ,
  The Edimmu setting participant lesser tier2 , , ,
  The Eleven-day Empire "Let's be honest: it's the stupid questions in life that get the best answers. For example, here's some history for you. See what you ma… ,
  The Enemy " The Houses have only fought a war on one prior occasion, at the very beginning of recordable history. The damage it did to the structure of the … , , ,
  The Grand Families setting participant lesser tier2 , , ,
  The Grandfather "Aeons in the past, on a planet very near the centre of the galaxy, ancient automatic defence systems spontaneously activated themselves, an… ,
  The Great Houses [The Great Houses] " The static, aristocratic bloodlines which have - traditionally - been seen as responsible for the structure of the Spir… , , , ,
  The House Military [The House Military] " Safe in their enclave at the dead centre of history, in the past it's been rare for members of the Great Houses to … , , , ,
  The Lesser Species " The term was coined by the Great Houses, so naturally “lesser species” can he read as meaning “anyone not connected to one of the House… , , ,
  The Lords Celestial the ruling class within Mictlan setting participant homeworlder celestis tier6 , , , ,
  The New Young Gods setting participant remote tier3 , , ,
  The North Los Angeles Cabal The predecessor of Faction Hollywood setting participant faction tier4 , , ,
  The Old Imperium (Fallen Empire) [The Old Imperium] Mysterious race of ancients, gone from the Galaxy. * Overly reliant on huge spaceships * Enigmatic...b… , , ,
  The Piltdown Mob setting participant lesser tier2 , , ,
  The Red Burial 500 Russian ghosts used to defend the Thirteen-Day Republic setting participant faction tier4 , , ,
  The Remonstration Bureau setting participant lesser tier2 , , ,
  The Remote " If there's one word that describes Faction Paradox it's fetishisfic. The Faction's followers delight in icons, in totems, in signs, symbols and… , , ,
  The Robot Race (Servitors of the ancients) [The Robot Race] The robots are independent units, highly variable in form, but trending towards human size. * C… , , ,
  The Rump Parliament Faction members in the City of the Saved setting participant faction tier4 , , ,
  The Shelley Cabal setting participant faction tier4 , , ,
  The Sirius Compact (Trade Syndicate) [The Sirius Compact] A pan-galactic trade syndicate - humans, aliens, robots, whoever. * Monopolies = money. Money = p… , , ,
  The Society of St. George setting participant lesser tier2 , , ,
  The Thirteen-Day Republic setting participant faction tier4 , , ,
  The Void (Crime Syndicate) [The Void] A pan-galactic crime syndicate - mostly humans, some robots and aliens. * Honourable - in their own distinct fashion.… , , ,
  The Whole History of Everything One of the many possible timelines. Feel free to use as much or as little as you need, it's primarily here to add inspiration … , , ,