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  Human Space (Fractured Empire) [Human Space] A conglomeration of several systems with no central government. * So much potential, so much waste. * How ca… , , ,
  Known Planets Atrius Peaceful, wealthy and technologically advanced. One of the most important worlds in humanspace, it is particularly reknowned for its adv… , , ,
  [Setting - All about the places in post-apoc Earth] Setting * Questions on the Campaign * World Building Questions - just some stuff I thought might be he… ,
  [Setting - All about the powers that be in the galaxy] Setting The powers of the Galaxy [The Old Imperium] The Old Imperium (Fallen Empire) [The Robot Rac… ,
  Space Stations and Settlements Clifftop Station A large station at the top of Samarkand's space elevator. Adventures * Cliff Hanger The Handmaiden's Sta… , , , ,
  Spaceships PC Ships [Model] The Lady Jane * The Lady Jane Player Notes * Aspects of * Shank Retrieval Claw * Smuggler Deterrent Blaster * Me… ,
  The Old Imperium (Fallen Empire) [The Old Imperium] Mysterious race of ancients, gone from the Galaxy. * Overly reliant on huge spaceships * Enigmatic...b… , , ,
  The Robot Race (Servitors of the ancients) [The Robot Race] The robots are independent units, highly variable in form, but trending towards human size. * C… , , ,
  The Sirius Compact (Trade Syndicate) [The Sirius Compact] A pan-galactic trade syndicate - humans, aliens, robots, whoever. * Monopolies = money. Money = p… , , ,
  The Void (Crime Syndicate) [The Void] A pan-galactic crime syndicate - mostly humans, some robots and aliens. * Honourable - in their own distinct fashion.… , , ,