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The House Military

The House Military

Safe in their enclave at the dead centre of history, in the past it's been rare for members of the Great Houses to even bother venturing outside their Homeworld (a site which is, in itself, more a focal-point for causality than an actual place). But though the Houses would once have considered the very idea of a “military” to be ridiculous, now their cohorts are bred for both overt and guerrilla warfare with time-active defences engineered into their bodies from day one. While the old academicians remain at a safe distance, the new children of the Houses have taken to the battlefields of the outside universe with a vengeance. If any of the lesser species still see the Houses as untouchable, inscrutable demigods - not an uncommon mistake, before the War - then the House Military are demigods of an altogether angrier kind. — The Book of the War


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