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The Celestis

The Celestis

By their very nature, they only exist on the sidelines of the War. Once an elite cadre among the Houses,, when they realised that war was inevitable (and that the Houses might actually lose it) the Celestis quickly concluded that in a time-active conflict a defeat wouldn't simply destroy them but create a version of the Spiral Politic in which they'd never even existed. Terrified, indignant and suddenly aware of their own mortality, they excised themselves from the main body of history as a “precaution”. Now they exist as little more than ghosts, impotent, self-obsessed Lords of an imaginary domain, only manifesting themselves in god-forms designed to terrorise and intimidate those individuals who've been tricked into worshipping them. Loathed by the Houses, and demonised throughout history as traitors. — The Book of the War


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