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Setting - All about the powers that be in the galaxy


The powers of the Galaxy

Other powers

  • Implacable Enemy (off stage for now)
  • Random Aliens
  • Determined missionaries of funky religion
  • Space pirates

The Group

The Group

Working for a secret organisation, out of a hidden base. The leaders are unknown, but they're working for the good of … humanity? Everyone? O2STK

The Horrors

Horror Death Count:

  • (pre-game) The Waking Horror of Luggor Eleven - destroyed by Shank and team.
  • The Seed Eater - given control of an Ancient hulk before being destroyed by a Robot superweapon.

Horror-Seed Death Count:

  • Thrown into nuclear power plant.
    • Collatoral damage: one possessed maintenance worker.
    • Morality: questionable.
  • Incinerated in the corona of a star.
    • Collatoral damage: three interstellar assassins and their ship.
    • Morality: defensible. They were bad men.
  • Destroyed in exploding smuggler vessel.
    • Collatoral damage: exploded smuggler vessel. No damage to alien space station.
    • Morality: defensible.
  • Infesting a computer server on a planet shot by the smuggler inon and her anti-Horror gun
    • Collatoral damage: damaged windows, street and air car.
    • Morality: defensible.


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