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This is a definition of the kinds of people you would find in The City of the Saved. A broad definition is every genetically near human and their descendants. This includes posthumans, protohumans, part-humans, prehumans and transhumans. It also includes partial humans - cyborgs (and Cybermen) exist in The City. Daleks made from human genetic material are there too. However in the case of Cybermen and Daleks, like every other dead human - how your body appears in the City depends on what you most identify yourself as (including age). Many forced conversions revert back to their original humanity. However that said, some don't - there is a semi-religious group in the City known as The Order of the Iron Soul composed of humans that identify as cyborgs.


The Human types available in the City come in the widest variety of versions. For your attributes you have may have any range between -3 and +3 if you can justify what that looks like on the kind of human you are. You have 6 points to distribute.

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