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  Addis Junk-Lord of the Stellar Margin Known Aspects: * “I'm a legitimate businesswoman!” * I found it, it's mine. * Not worth bothering about, honest! … , ,
  Alec Trevelian Romanian Actor/Noble Inspired by - Biography Born in the Ukraine, Alec emigrates to the USA, where he becomes a part of the nascent movie in… , ,
  Amberley Campell Smuggler and Master Thief Inspired by - Biography Character Sheet Skills Stunts Aspects * Phase 1 - Background * * * Phase… , ,
  Armitage Reginald Shank, Esq. Dashing Hero Main skills: * Leadership * Weapons * Resolve Aspects: * King's Officer * Takes any chance to win *… , ,
  Bagget Eccentric collector Known Aspects: * The best, the rarest and the most expensive. * Unbelievably wealthy * Robot manservant, Wilson. Known skil… , ,
  Baron Claudius Mailed fist of the Retomski elite. Known Aspects: * Divine right! * Thundering jackboots * Gunship diplomacy Known skills: * Leaders… , ,
  Benni Head servant/butler of the emminently corruptible variety Known Aspects: * Bribable * Fat * Wears a fez Known Skills: * Artifact associatio… , , ,
  Buford Harrington (aka "Doctor Starlight") American spy (deceased) Known Aspects: Known Skills: * Investigation * Contacting * Mysteries Artifact ass… , ,
  Captain Reginald Wodehouse Main skills: * Weapons * Investigation * Leadership Aspects: * Honest cop * A gentleman knows how to treat a lady * N… , ,
  Dirk Richter Gentleman Thief Main skills: * Athletics * Burglary * Stealth Aspects: * Protege of Robert “The Ghost” MacDougal * I was a gentlema… , ,
  E'Taron Enigmatic alien trader Known Aspects: * Written on my skin * My rules are not your rules Known skills: * Resources * Leadership Vessel: U… , ,
  Eagle Void Bounty Hunter. Known Aspects: * One eye. * Eagle totem * Only doing business. Known skills: * Guns * Investigation Vessel None. … , ,
  Eight Bioengineered pleasure slave, self-repurposed as a free archaeologist. Main skills: * Academics * Investigation * Mysteries Aspects: * Escap… , ,
  Eric Carson Doctor and Psychohistorian Main skills: * Empathy * Academics * Science Aspects: * Medical school on Atarius * Frontier medic * U… , ,
  Finnegan American G-Man Inspired by - Biography Character Sheet Skills Stunts Aspects * Phase 1 - Background * * * Phase 2 - The Great War … , ,
  Garth Robot Prospector. Known Aspects: * The Ancients shall return. * Person first, robot second. Known Skills: * Academics * Resolve Vessel None… , ,
  Gunther von Klaus Impoverished Austrian Nobleman Known Aspects: * I'll win back my fortune! * From the oldest, most noble of families Known Skills: * … ,
  Inon Hardened intergalactic criminal Known Aspects: * Cold yet seductive * Ruthless efficiency * Anti-Horror Gun Known skills: * Guns * Leadershi… , ,
  Jack Archer Reporter for the United States Gazette (Cairo Edition) Known Aspects: * Truthhound! * Stabbed by the Dagger of Norn Known Skills: * Inves… , , ,
  Jin Tao, the Stone Tiger Resistance leader on Mauthus II; sworn enemy of Lord Zaous. Known Aspects: * Loyalty is our strength; freedom is our goal. * I… , ,
  Jon Hector Shady Scientist Inspired by - Seamus Zelazny Harper (Andromeda), Clive 55 (The Starship), Dex Dearborn (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) Bi… , ,
  Kaine Psi-tech PI Main skills: * Mysteries * Investigation * Guns Aspects: * Psi-tech free-lancer * From the PSI Brotherhood * The mean stree… , ,
  Kitty Smithson British Investigative Journalist Inspired by - Biography Kitty is an orphan with a wealthy but distant guardian. She literally grew up in hi… , ,
  Koragg Robot Commander. Known Aspects: * Too many robots is not enough Known Skills: * Leadership Vessel: Unnamed Robot Dreadnaught Appearances: *… , ,
  Lakshmi Human-born artificial intelligence Known Aspects: * I still expect to be paid * Curves in all the right places * I've not forgiven nor forgotte… , , ,
  Lord Zaous, Dark Lord of Mauthus II Corrupted Lordling. Known Aspects: * All power is mine by right. * replaced with: There is nothing to live for. *… , ,
  Madame Astara Evil astrologer. Known Aspects: * Evil Eye * The stars ... lie! Known Skills: * Mysteries * Intimidate Artifact associations: None.… , ,
  Mariana Sister Mariana the unexpectedly beautiful Known Aspects: * Italian WW1 soldier * Old love interest of Mr White * Nun Known Skills: Artifact a… ,
  Mr White Italian ex-Spy/Assassin Inspired by - The Shadow and Faber Biography Angelo Di Dadi comes from a well-to-do Italian Catholic family. His parents w… , ,
  Parker Space Patrol officer. Known Aspects: * Tough cop * Just get it done! * I trust my partner, even when he's clearly wrong Known skills: * Weap… , ,
  Potential Recruit The first session (or possibly more) of the game proper (after session zero and any housekeeping) will be primarily concerned with your recru… , ,
  Professora Russkin Russian professor of archeology? Known Aspects: * Known Skills: * Artifact associations: Helped Kitty Smithson to investigate Th… , , ,
  Ravikiran Ifrit Sikh Mystic Inspired by - Biography Born and abandoned in India under the British Raj, Ravi was adopted by nobility and raised around court… , ,
  Rhea Introverted farseer Known Aspects: * My mind is a fortress * Peace in solitude * Seldom remembered Known skills: * Mysteries Vessel: None. … , ,
  Storm Lady Keryn Thorgeld Noble and Military Leader of Korbal Known Aspects: * Born to rule * Vicious mind mage Known skills: * Leadership * Telepa… , ,
  Swami Mokti Swami Known Aspects: * Known Skills: * Artifact associations: Helped Finnegan to use Marconi's Cadaverous Prototype Appearances: * … , , ,
  The Alternate This isn't your timeline or possibly not even your universe or dimension. Perhaps you were sent back in time to stop the Daleks conquering the E… , ,
  The Chosen One Background Choose one- [Chosen] Signature Move You start with these Moves. Basic Moves Your first five advancements may come from this li… , ,
  The Citizen You are human and you're dead. You've come from the City of the Saved (effectively the human afterlife) on a mission back into the universe. * E… , ,
  The Collateral Time active agents (or the Renegade) have swept through your life or had a major impact on it forever changing your destiny. From investigating… , ,
  The Diplomat Background Choose one-[Diplomat] Signature Move You start with these Moves. Basic Moves Your first five advancements may come from this list.… , ,
  The Disaffected You used to work for one of the other major powers, but have had a change of heart(s). * Examples: The Old Man, Grandfather Paradox, Fitz Kr… , ,
  The Ex Either you've got a hole in the head, had your memories expunged, spent 40 years in exile and made non-existent through time travel, or were a forgotten… , ,
  The Fighter Background Choose one- [Fighter] Signature Move You start with this Move. Basic Moves Your first five advancements may come from this list. A… , ,
  The Ghost Mysterious thief Known Aspects: * Not a trace * MacDougal's legacy * Line them up and knock them down Known skills: * Burglery * Athlet… , ,
  The Homeworlder Background Choose one-[Homeworlder] Signature Moves As a Homeworlder you start with three signature moves Basic Moves Your first five adva… , ,
  The Infected At some point your biodata was infected with the Faction Paradox virus created by Godfather Morlock. Your history was usurped to have always been… , ,
  The Killer Either you're from a species known for its warmongering (Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans etc) - or you're an assassin, hit-person or psychopath. Backgr… , ,
  The Leader Background Choose one- Signature Move You start with these Moves. Basic Moves Your first five advancements may come from this list. Advanced … , ,
  The Shen Loung Leadership Collective Xian Feng Smuggler captain Known Aspects: * Thieves' Honour * Sharp as steel Known skills: * Weapons * Leader… , ,
  The Witchblood Your ancestors gifted you with extra senses or extra ways to manipulate or bypass how everyone interacts with the laws of physics. Also known a… , ,
  Thirteen Pleasure-slave turned clone smuggler. Eight's clone/sister. Known Aspects: * I'm smarter than you. * Hey there, Good Lookin'! * Catgirl for… , ,
  Tiack Smuggler lieutenant Known Aspects: * Boneless - but not spineless * I always follow orders - when it suits me * Reckless ambition Known skills: … , ,
  Tyler Renegade Noble/Telepathic Pilot Biography Homeworld: Korbal Tarquin is the second son of King Winath and Queen Dalia of Korbal, currently on the run … , ,
  Xiao Ling Gambler and Adventurer Main skills: * Gambling * Investigation * Mysteries Aspects: * Eye on the odds * Knows when to run * Defender… , ,