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Treasure Hunt

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Setting: just outside of {insert city name here I've forgotten}

Part I: Enter the Lion

  • Setup
    • The {mayor?} of {city} came across an ancient map to a ruined city and wants the crew to investigate
    • There is a briefcase somewhere in the city containing the designs of an advanced robot
    • Any other loot found can be kept
    • The {mayor?} has a rival that is gaining prominence, and he may therefore lose his position
  • Encounter en route
    • While flying to the ruins, another airship was spotted - a larger Baracudda class
    • After some maneuvring, they decided to meet and parlez
    • Captain Ash is a privateer with her own copy of the map and tells of her mission to escort us back to the city after the briefcase is found.
      • Evelyn Bennett has concoctions in her medical kit that could be useful as distracting poisons if needed.
  • Landing Party


  • 10 crew armed with simple rifles are in the landing party to help carry items
  • Albert "Albi" Kardde has used 6 fate points and as 1 pip of injury

Part II: The Lightning Horse of the Neo Bedouin

Met neo-bedouins saw the electric Norse and the owner zany gray. Agreements between crew and neo bedouins as to recovery of loot. Team locate boat decoy gators with dead cat

Open box inside a tesla robaut. Team also find weird device spider like which attempts to jump onto team member (Please fill in which one) ended with finding off plans and determining what to do next.

Note airship crew down by 4 due to native fauna (will need to recruit)annoying person was not killed.

Part III: Mutant Bird Attack

In which our heroes play chicken with a bird and win.

Having succcessfuly stopped zany gray from playing “what's in the box”. Our heroes then go off with nomads in tow to explore the last unexplored area (location three: Racid nest). Lewis climbs a tree and makes friends with the local fauna. The fauna runs past Lewis and the other party members find an old reckoning motorcycle & sidecar.

The racid mother traps Albi, Evelyn, Darcy and two nomads in the garage.

Evelyn & Darcy remain at the back exploring further and find eggs (racid) Alby and the nomads go to the front of the garage as they heard shots fired by Lewis. Albi and the nomads fight the racid with most of the damage being done by Lewis. Albi performs the coup de grace.

Part IV: Revisited

In which our heroes divide the spoils.

Part V: Return

In which our heroes are warmly greeted. The Mayor who sent us out to retrieve the relic combat android plans was no longer in power by the time we got back. We suspected there could be problems at the dock, so only sent out our ex-Chuno Ggun (Slave Hunter) character with the briefcase to meet the Mayor. He was captured and imprisoned by the new regime. We snuck off to the public docks and slipped into the crowd, leaving our crew to refuel the ship. We met up with the Captain of the escort ship the Mayor had set to trailing us (to make sure the mission was completed) and have started planning a popular uprising.


  • Truce with nomads tested by Albi's deception
  • robot in it's box and spider thing secured (the later is in a locked desk draw in Albi's cabin)
  • plans copied by Darcy and Albi

Part VI: Rebellion

In which our heroes help out.

  • Sgt Lewis Trimpleton fights and imitates his way out of a swimming pool and into the clothing of a merchant
  • Evelyn Bennett and Albert "Albi" Kardde rabble rouse the local disenfranchised merchants, planning to have them demonstrate at the trial of the governor - little realising that Lewis will no longer be appearing. 100 supporters were influenced
  • Darcy Midnight looks into the ancient tech cyberwear spider implant that controls the killer android in the hopes that its method of communication may lead to a communication tech breakthrough
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