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Evelyn Bennett

Evelyn Bennett grew up among the clouds in one of the Skyloft cities, outside the cruel and oppressive regime of the Empire.

Evelyn's father, Mr Bennett, a successful merchant, had plans for his five children - two sons and three daughters. His eldest son, Jain, was to take over the family business, while Kit was to have a respectable profession, such as lawyer or doctor, as befitted a second son. His three daughters were to make suitable marriage alliances with other merchant families.

Unfortunately,his elde st daughter, pretty, blonde Evelyn was the one with the aptitude for medicine, and successfully gained admission to the city's Medical Academy. Kit, to his relief, had to settle for making one of the marriage alliances instead.

Jain Bennett is steady and dependable, with a calm and unruffled manner. He is devoted to his sister Evelyn, the next eldest in the family. The two were very close as children. Evelyn can depend on Jain to help her out if she's in a bit of a fix, or lost, an unfortunately frequent occurrence. Evelyn's complete lack of any resemblance to a sense of direction is almost legendary among her peers and associates, and is the reason she fell in with Captain Karrde and his crew.

Evelyn had just finished her medical training, and had passed her final exam. However, her Skyloft City requires one year of field work before a Doctor is considered to be fully accredited. The field work can be undertaken at the discretion of the student. Many of Evelyn's classmates opted to work in the hospitals and medical centres in the city, but Evelyn chose to sign up to serve as medic aboard the merchant ship Mansfield Park.

She was due to set off with them from the East docks, but the appointed hour saw Evelyn wandering the West docks, unable to locate Mansfield Park. A shout from behind her was followed by a loud crash, and she turned to see that a bolt of cloth from an nearby airship had slipped during the unloading process and had hit and injured one of the crew members. Instinct kicked in and Evelyn rushed to the aid of the injured man.

As a merchant's daughter, she knew enough about various cargo to know that these traders weren't just traders - a bolt of cloth simply shouldn't have been heavy enough to inflict that level of damage. By this time the Mansfield Park had well and truly sailed, and Evelyn was out of options. She sought out the Captain of the ship.

After thanking her for her assistance with his crew member, Captain Albert Karrde listened to her musing about how lucky it was that she was in the vicinity, and how it really was unusual for a bolt of cloth to cause such a severe injury…unless it wasn't *just* cloth. Impressed with her skill and deductive reasoning (and being in a slightly difficult position) Captain Karrde offered her a job.

As she was packed and had her own reasons for needing to leave, it was a good deal for both parties - the Wilde Karrde got a medic with a talent for surgery, pharmacy and haggling (but no sense of direction), and Evelyn got out of the city, and started her mandatory field work.

Evelyn needed to leave because, how ever dramatic and corny it sounded to her, it seems someone is after her. She isn't sure who is targeting her or why (although she has some theories), but she was on edge after feeling like she was being watched. Then the 'accidents' started occurring in her vicinity. She confided in her brother, Jain, who witnessed a carriage nearly running her down. Jain convinced her to leave for her own safety and lie low for a while. The field work was the perfect excuse.

Trying to maintain a profession demeanor, as befits her profession, means she hasn't shared her suspicions with the rest of the crew or the Captain. She feels announcing that she thinks someone is after her sounds overly paranoid. Besides, she has no proof, and she's out of the City now…

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