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Sgt Lewis Trimpleton


Neovictorian / Human / Chuno Ggun

Lewis is the eldest son of a wealthy family and joined the Air Navy when he left school. He quickly mastered all forms of combat, and was selected to apply for entry into the Chuno Ggun - the Emperor's elite guards.

His younger sister Tabatha, five years his junior idolized Lewis - and as best he could, he made time for her at home whenever he had leave.

Tabatha meant the world to Lewis, and was his anchor when times got hard…

Years passed, and Lewis' expertise in “the guard” kept him from home sometimes for years at a time. Tabatha grew into a beautiful and intelligent woman, who's interests led her into clandestine politics in a women's movement unbeknownst to her family.

Lewis was repeatedly passed over for promotion, regardless of his social rank, due to his ineptitude for political subtleties, and as he was highly successful as a sergeant.

The underground political movement spearheaded by Tabatha and her cronies was discovered and targeted by the Emperor. The local Chuno Ggun hit squad was sent to neutralize the threat, and they were ruthless and successful.

Lewis received news of his sister's death, and he rushed home to console his mother. He discovered the cause of her death, and he became enraged. Using his contacts, he discovered the commander of the group responsible, and confronted him. Lewis delivered bloody retribution, and was mildly wounded in the frey. Lewis' attack was not fatal, and the commander vowed to track Lewis down and end-him.

Lewis used his streetwise knowledge to stow away on an outbound airship to escape capture. Over time he came to trust a band of smugglers he ended up working with, on the Wilde Karrd

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