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War of the Necromancers


Crimson Company as Undead Wights(CC) Blood Hammers w/ Drakengarde auxiliary (BH) Black Death (BD)

Story Crimson Company has been contracted by a rich collector to find an ancient artifact of seemingly great value, but, after slaughtering the guardians of a tomb, they realize what the artifact is, Alas, it's too late. An evil spirit possesses one of the warriors imbuing him with powers of a necromancer, and swiftly turns the rest into unholy wights. Doomed to serve the ancient evil until the curse is broken.

The Black Death and Blood Hammers discover this evil has awoken, and march to combat, but tensions run high, as the Black Death choose to fight fire with fire and have summoned their own Necromancer, to fight with them as a slave.

The Blood Hammers however, have opted for a more holy approach, and plan on using holy magic to purify the summoning circles that have brought the wights and the slave necromancer to this earth, to hopefully vanquish the evil.

Scenario 1 The CC Necromancer or BD Necromancer needs to control both summoning circles, by using a raise dead spell (50 words) in the circle, BH start in a fort and need recite a purify spell (50 words) in the summoning circles to purify them.

If a Necromancer team takes both circles, they can then attempt to place a Skull in the BH fort, they win. BH only need to 'purify' both circles to win.

Summoning circles can be retaken if taken by another team

Fort rules apply for summoning circles and Fort.

Win conditions:

CC and BD: Both circles Need to taken and a skull placed in the BH Fort

BH: Both circles need to be 'purified' simultaneously.

Scenario 2:

As with death, Always a curse 😉

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