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War in the Shadows

Set up.

• Battle Mage (BM) rules in effect as read (attached). • A war band can have as many BM’s as they want. • War bands muster and load out as standard • 5 x ‘power circles’ • 5 x “magicsuperpowerballs”.

Special rules

• A spell is not legally cast if it does not have the word count and identifier. Please be loud! • BM’s do not get clerical healing. They must move to a power circle. • BM’s will be marked with an orange bandana. • Power circles can be destroyed – but only by BM’s. But this may lead to ‘feedback’ (see Game Play). • Within each power circle there is a “magicsuperpowerball”, which is a one use weapon (see Game Play). • Unit coherency is OPEN. • At the start of any phase, 2 members of each war band will be marked with a blue bandana. These are the ‘conduits’ (see Game Play)

Game Play

Short version: Multiple game phases. Keep your Battle Mage/s alive. Destroy all enemy forces, conduits and power circles.

Long version:

Battle Mages

• Every time a BM successfully casts a spell they pick up a power point. If a BM kills a conduit in an enemy team (either magically or with weapons) they gain two power points. If a BM kills a conduit in their own team (!), they gain 5 power points. If a BM kills another BM (magically or with weapons – friend or enemy), they gain 10 power points. • If at any time a BM is reduced to 0 HP points, they must move to the closest power circle to regain health. 30 second count and back to full HP. BM’s receive no clerical healing. • A BM can attempt to destroy a power circle to gain a tactical advantage. This can be done whether it contains a “magicsuperpowerball” or not. To destroy a circle a BM must expend 3 spells and spell balls in a row, cast into the circle. If the BM is interrupted in their casting the following two things can happen – no “magicsuperpowerball” the BM gets fatal feedback and is incinerated and immediately reduced to 0 HP. If there is a “magicsuperpowerball” present…..every player within 10 metres is incinerated and reduced to 0 HP.


• Conduits are players who are infused with the ambient magic in the area but don’t have the measure of control needed to be a spellcaster. They are effectively nothing more than ‘carriers’ and their power makes them targets for all BM’s (and players). At the beginning of each phase two players in each war band is chosen as a conduit. Once reduced to 0 HP they have given up their magic store. Other than that, they are effectively just normal warriors and can be healed as normal.


• Each power circle holds one of these super spell balls. They are a one use weapon per phase. Once a BM has 10 power points he/she can grab one of these from the closest power circle. To deploy them, the BM uses their normal spell cast and throws it at the closest target. On a successful cast every living thing within a 2 metre radius is blown to pieces (all 0 HP immediately). The BM (if they survive) will pick up all power points from BM and conduit casualties. An unsuccessful cast just means you have used your 10 power points and must accumulate them again. • There is no restriction on a BM deploying more than one of these weapons up to the available game total of 5.


• Normal cleric rules in place. • There are no restrictions on unit coherency. • There are no bases, just randomised starting points. • Keep your BM alive (unless he chooses to destroy YOU), kill the other BM’s and conduits (feel free to also kill your own if necessary), deny the enemy use of power circles, stay away from the big yellow balls!

Win conditions.

These are set at the each of each phase.

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