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Troll Ball


Field size: 50 metres by 27 metres

Team size: 10 x players and 1 x healer

Referee: 1 x referree

Playing time: 20 minutes (2 x 10 minute halves)


1 x troll ball 5 x one handed weapons (max 115cm) 2 x scoring head buckets


The teams are made up of 5 players on the field, with 5 substitutes and 1 healer.

The 5 players on the field each have a single one handed weapon (see equipment).

Players start from their base line.

The troll ball can only be passed by hand – no kicking! Throwing is fine.

A legal tag is a hit by a sword. Target zones are as per HS standard rules.

If a ball carrier is tagged, the ball is placed on the ground.

A point is scored by getting the ball into the opposing teams bucket. After a point is scored there is a complete reset.


Game play

The troll ball starts in the centre.

Both teams attempt to score a point by getting the ball in the other teams’ head bucket.

If a player is tagged, they must drop their sword and take a knee/sit down.

The healer then enters the playing field and must retrieve the sword to give to a substitute. A successful retrieval means the ‘dead’ player can be substituted. The sword is given to a new player and the tagged player leaves the field. Healers can be tagged by opposing players! If a healer is tagged they must leave the field for a 20 count then try again. Only one substitution can be done at a time.

Players can be substituted multiple times.

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