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The Warrior Queen


Campaign Rules: No items to purchase or find in Game 1. Starting treasuries are not affected. However a further 200 gold pieces on offer from The Warrior Queen's war chest.

Game rules

Character rules:

The Warrior Queen has 15 HP as befits her status and the best armour money can buy. Her bodyguard comprises two elite soldiers of the Second Sons of Sarakal. Her bodyguard must remain with the Queen at all times. Bodyguard get a +1 HP bonus to a maximum of 10 as long as they stay within a 2 metre radius of the Queen.

Special unit rules (Queen's Forces):

“Traitor/insurgent”* unit gets a 'frenzy' bonus in combat as long as the Queen is in sight. All throwing weapons do 2 HP damage. All other rules for throwing weapons as normal (unit not revealed until game starts). Unit coherency in effect.

The Wind Cloaks of Greystar: each archer carries one poison arrow (it must be marked with cloth/bandana etc). Each poison arrow is fatal. Effectively an 'Instakill'. Arrow use rules as per normal. Unit coherency is loose - skirmishing and pathfinder unit.

“Enemy” Forces

The Hammers of Balgranth, The Crimson Company and the Black Death are effectively the opposition/blocking forces/marauders.

The Crimson Company - bandit and skirmish force. Loose formation.

The Black Death - instrumental in smashing the last insurrection. Allegedly have the Crown of Keshet in their fortress hide out. Will stop at nothing to destroy the Traitor/Insurgent unit and accordingly must attempt to seek combat with that unit at every opportunity. Unit coherency is close.

The Hammers of Balgranth - provisional Government forces. Tasked with crushing the insurgency. Must attempt to kill the Queen and her bodyguard. Unit coherency is close.

Game Play and Objectives.

The Insurgency force led by the Queen must force the border and get the war chest to safety so that they may begin their campaign in earnest. The Queen may use some of her treasury to buy safe passage, but must still have at least 50 gold pieces left.


1 x chest (esky) 18 x cones (6 each of blue, red and orange)

Game play:

The Queen's forces must travel through all of the 18 points in order marked by the cones. Each set of 6 cones demarcates a phase. So for example when the forces have moved through the areas marked with 6 blue cones that is the end of phase 1 and arrows, daggers etc are replenished.

Each time the Queen is 'down' (0 HP) she must spend 10 gold pieces for special healing. The Queen can also attempt buy off an enemy warband for one phase only for 50 gold pieces. The warband does not have to agree to this, but if they do take the money they are under the Queen's personal command for that phase.

The game in essence is one very mobile skirmish/pitched battle. There are no forts or areas to take and hold. The cones are markers only.

Queen wins if she gets to point 18 with 50 or more gold pieces left in her treasury. All other outcomes count as a loss.

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