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The Hammer Falls

Points/Flag Battle

The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by the end of the day. The game will be broken into multiple phases.

Set up:

Each team has a control zone – a circular area defined by cones/markers. There are 3 control zones and 3 teams (BD, CC and HB) Within each control zone there are 5 coloured cones. These are your ‘flags’.

Special rules:

Each team will start from a different control zone at the beginning of each phase. “Sanctuary” healing spell can only be used once per phase (if needed). Unit coherency for the game is “loose”. This is defined as each player being no further from another player in the unit of 3 metres. This will allow skirmishing. Players at no time will move faster than “advance double” – fast walk/slow jog. Arrow and throwing dagger use as per revised rules. Reset at the end of each phase.

Game play and objectives:

• Scoring system:

1. Your own flags in your control zone are worth one point. If you leave your cones in your base and do nothing you will have 5 points. 2. You must leave one cone in place and attempt to place the other four in opposing teams control zones. 3. A cone placed in the *closest* opposing teams’ control zone is worth 2 points. 4. A cone placed in the *furthest* opposing teams’ control zone is worth 3 points. 5. A phase is ended when the first team places all four cones - *this must include one 3 pointer!!*

• Game play:

1. You can’t move other teams’ cones. 2. You can always choose to defend your flag point to stop other teams scoring. 3. A team/war band can only carry one cone to be placed at a time. 4. To place a cone for scoring purposes is a simple matter of dominating a control zone – i.e. there are no ‘alive’ enemy forces in the control zone.

• Map:

1. Refer to map for control zones. Also, set up zone will be down in the playing area. Park in the normal area and then head towards the square marked on the map. 2. Link:

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