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The Dragon's Fire

*Game one - set fire to the environment to allow dragons souls to appear again.*

Dragon souls need wild fire magic in the environment. As there are more mages using up the wild fire magic they have drained it away from the environment.

- Drakengarde must find the amulet of Dragons which when used forces the fire magic back into the earth. Then set fire to points around the play area via a mage's fireball. - Drakengarde mage has to set fire to points with the fireball spell. - Each point they set fire to allows them to channel 2 fireballs. (2 zero cast fireballs shared between the warband. Must yell fireball). - 2 forts, 5 random points around the map. - Drakengarde have balistas and a map to the amulet.

- Black Death have gold to fund an additional force (warband) to bolster their ranks. - The Black Death members are immune to fireballs until they have died or been killed by the sword (This does not reset!) as they they have a natural immunity due to facing dragons in bygone ages.

Do the unaligned warbands fight for the dragons and the spoils they will eventually create or the gold already being thrown around by the Black Death?

*Game two - Dragon spirit needs to escape the area.*

The dragon spirit needs to escape the area and the Black Death hunters through the canyons and a hidden trail. Unfortunatly the BD and additional forces have caught wind of the plan and are waiting.

- Now that the amulet has charged up (both itself and the environment) it can possess a player with an actual dragon soul. 20hp and a single zero cast fireball. Can only be used once, make it count. - Defenders split up into 1 - 2 person groups along the path and will await the attackers. The attackers will match the defenders numbers to fight together against. This will be like Highlander champions; the leader says who will fight the defenders. - Beware of traps placed by the defenders = 2x rope trip lines (8hp damage). - Clerics who are fighting can only heal, they cannot bless as those who die are gone.

When the attackers get to the end of the canyon they 'win'. The dragon spirit has escaped with the charged amulet and dragons/dragon souls will start appearing in the world again.

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