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The Dead Lands

Alliances / Formations

Black Death: Close Hammers: Close Windcloaks + Sons of Durin (Skirmishers) Crimson are Rabble unless bought by a team (skirmishers) Alliances via trade is allowed Close formation war bands can split in to two teams each for phase one.

Purchasable items

1x Banner of Protection: Invulnerable to Instakill. Must be carried 100g 1x Dagger Poison: double damage for throwing weapons for the Phase: 100g 1x Barbed Arrows: Arrows go through Shields for 1 phase: 150g Mercs: buy up all mercs on the day: 10g per person, or 50g for all if over 5 Obtainable currency: Magical Bounties: Take out anyone who has magical abilities to claim their bounty: 80g Loot: 150g per item Basic Lore: Drakeular has been hearing voices for some time, and now the rest of black death are feeling it as well. A voice calling from another world, beckons them to release it from the darkness.

Phase one

5 circles, 3 teams. Each warband (Excl. Crimson) get 5 cones of a specific colour. They must place a cone in each circle to own it. Fort rules apply for taking a circle. If someone else occupies a circle, an enemy may move another teams cone outside the circle. Timed game (45 minutes) At the end of the 45 minutes, whichever team has the most circles occupied, wins the phase. Special Rule: If Drakeular casts a 30 second spell on a team mate within a circle, they get 10HP for one life. Healing can bring them back up to 10 until they die. One use per circle taken. Must retake circle to buff team mate.

Phase 2

Outcome 1 – BD succeeds in taking majority of circles

Black Death boosts up to 10hp all around. Drakeular alone can deal double damage Can pick CC or WC to “possess” to fight for him. Remaining warbands must stop BD+Ally from escorting Coffin (Esky) to the “Tomb”. If BD reaches the tomb, they win. If the opposing force gets the Esky to their base, they win.

Outcome 2 – BD fails in taking majority of circles

Drakeular is weakened and must be escorted back to Castle Greyskull by the Black Death (Recommend buying alliance.) Remaining warbands (start unaligned) must try to capture him by downing him and escorting him back to their base. Winner is whichever base Drakeular ends up at. Walking Speed when escorting, otherwise, can run within cohesion rules.

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