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The Battle of Three Armies

Equipment Lists:

Drakengarde: crown of Keshet + 1 HP for unit up to max of 8 Crimson Company: Bileshriek - 3 HP damage per strike

Equipment Items for capture: Dwarven Gold Hoard = loot for future missions Shield of Protection = reduces arrow damage by 1 HP for unit.

Forces (3 Armies):

Blood Hammers (BH) – representing the dwarf mercantile leagues Drakengarde (DG) – representing the Balgranth Government (Elemental Guard levy) The Black Death (BD) – main force muster based in Halskar

Crimson Company (CC) – representing thieves, orcs/goblins and mercenary scum. Any orc/goblin players should muster with the CC.

All unaligned players to be spread between BH, DG and BD. Objectives: Note: depending on overall attendance and numbers within individual war bands the forces disposition above is subject to change.

Primary Objectives: capture 4 of the 5 forts on the map.

Secondary Objectives: capture equipment items

Set up and game play:

Set up

5 forts scattered throughout the map area.

Each one of the 3 armies has 4 coloured markers.

Blood Hammers start the game in 1 of the 5 forts. This will have their team marker already in place.

Crimson Company starts the game in 2 of the 5 forts. These forts will not have markers in them.

Black Death and Drakengarde start from set up points (not forts) at separate ends of the game area.

Game play

To capture a fort, your marker must be present. Forts are attacked or defended by all forces through the course of the game. However, for the purposes of the scenario only BH, DG and BD can win. A fort is classed as ‘taken’ if your unit has the only active/alive forces within them (these are the standard contested area rules). Once a marker is placed in a fort it is classed as captured for your army. However, if you choose not to defend a fort, another team may also capture it and place their marker. Your marker still counts towards your total however – it is not removed by the other team (unless it’s the CC - see Special Rules). You may only attack/take one fort at a time. You may split your forces if you leave troops to defend a fort/s, but the resulting attacking forces must always move as a unit outside of your forts. You can engage any unit whether they are in a fort or moving between forts at any time. The game continues until one army has 4 markers in 4 bases.

Cleric rules

Normal rules apply. Note though that any force which has a *minimum* of 15 members can have two clerics. These can be split between groups (bearing in mind all other rules outlined).

Fort rules

Normal fort rules apply (minus gates). Throwing weapons and arrows go out, but not in.

Special rules

If the CC are driven out of their starting forts (i.e. defeated – all players down), they will attempt to take a new fort. If they take a new fort all the markers are wiped (placed outside the fort) and that fort no longer counts towards any armies score. The fort will need to be retaken.

Blood Hammers starting fort holds the Dwarven Gold Hoard. The first group that gets their marker in the fort gets the loot (as BH will already have a marker, it will be the second marker in game terms).

Shield of Protection is hidden somewhere in the game zone.

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