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Scorched Earth


Crimson Company (CC) Drakengarde and Blood Hammers (DG/BH) – allied, have 2 pieces of map. Black Death and others (BD) – 2 pieces of map, have hidden.

Scenario format

Item Capture

The victory and/or loss conditions

There are 4 pieces of stone tablet in play. 2 are carried by DG/BH and 2 are hidden.

There are 4 ‘control areas’. One of these areas hold the 2 pieces of hidden tablet in a chest (or one piece in a chest in 2 areas?), however there is a chest in each control area.

A control area has to be taken and held by a war band to give them time to find the chest. A control area is deemed to be under war band control only if no enemy forces are contesting the control area. After that, the chest needs to be brought back to the war bands base to be opened. Chests will be taped up so they cannot be opened unless your war band is in its base (see special rules below). CC and DG/BH have a base with a fixed storage area. BD also has a starting base without a storage area.

The chests must be carried by two players using one hand each (one handed weapons may be carried and used in the free hand). The chests are heavy and players may only walk.

A war band can attack another war band carrying a chest and take that chest. Rules above then apply with moving the chest.

The game phase is paused when one side has got three chests back to their starting area. The chests are then checked to see if they contain the map pieces. If one war band has all 4 pieces of the map they are the winner. If stone tablet pieces are still in play the phase will resume.

Special rules

Control areas will be designated by ropes/markers.

Base areas are ‘no play zones’ – a war band may not attack another war bands base area.

Normal magic and healing rules apply to all war bands. All war bands will have a cleric.

War bands deploy from their bases. No base respawns. All healing done ‘in the field’ as per rule above.

BD does not hold tablet pieces. Their mission is to contest control areas. If BD captures a chest being carried they will take it back to the control area. This also applies to the 2 pieces which are in the possession of DG/BH (see below).

DG/BH is carrying 2 pieces of tablet and as they are allies they are counted as one war band. If at any stage DG/BH is driven out of a control area* before they can move a chest, they will give up a piece of tablet. That piece of tablet will then reside in that control area, and rules as per the chests and control areas will apply to that piece.

*Control areas are effectively taken if your war band is in control of that area – this means that if the area is being contested you have dominated that ground and opposing forces have been defeated/driven off/the majority need healing. In the case of DG/BH, if the war band is defeated/driven off/the majority need healing in the process of attempting to hold/take a control area then they will give up a map piece and move on to another control area.

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