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One Land One King

Starting forces

Bloodhammers/Drakengarde (BH/DG) - chest with two pieces of tablet.

Crimson Company (CC) - chest with two pieces of tablet.

Black Death/Pirates/Elemental Guard (BD)

Scenario rules

Chests must by escorted by entire war band and carried by two members. Chest carriers can only walk.

All grassed areas are classed as marshland/bog and can only be walked through.

All treed areas are classed as high ground and no movement restrictions apply.

BD can capture chests, and these must be returned to their base. Normal chest rules and movement restrictions apply.

CC and BH/DG can capture each others chests. For a chest to be captured a war band must be defeated in straight combat (all players down including cleric). A 3 way fight is classed as ‘contested’ and the chest is dropped to the ground until there is a resolution. This will be explained more on game day.

There are no respawns. All healing is done by clerics and will occur ‘in the field’.

Archers may reuse their own arrows, but they can only be collected ‘in game’.

Phase 1 Set up/special rules:

Two separate game phases.

BD has a temporary fortified camp. This will be their start point and contain a banner.

CC and BH/DG will have set start points.

Somewhere in the high ground/treed areas rests the fabled sword “Bileshriek”. The sword does 3 HP damage! This can be used (if found) by any war band that finds it.

There is abandoned fort known as “The Ruins”.

BD base contains a banner which must be taken to access The Ruins. A banner is classed as taken when your war band has control of the BD base. This would mean there were no BD members in the base, or their players are all down including cleric

Phase 1 Victory conditions

One war band (CC or BH/DG) must get both chests to The Ruins. However, to access its protection they must also capture the banner from the BD base and plant it in the fort to establish a ‘control area’. A banner is classed as lost if the war band carrying it is defeated in straight combat. Normal chest rules then apply (see above).

Phase 1 continues until both chests are in The Ruins and the pieces of the tablet reunited.

Phase 2

NOTE: “Bileshriek” is not used in this phase. However the war band that captured it in the first phase will be able to use it in the future. This will be discussed at a later stage.

Special rules

All movement rules from Phase 1 are still in effect, plus the following:

The map pieces have been reunited. One person at random from the war band that reunited the pieces has been possessed by foul magicks!

The tablet is infused with the ancient power of the “Green Kings”. Not only does it show the hidden location of the Crown of Keshet, but it imbues who ever holds the tablet with special powers.

Whilst one person holds all the pieces of the tablet they cannot die. In addition to this, the arcane powers of the tablet summon a ‘spectral guard’. One player from each of the main war bands is chosen at random to join the guard. The guard have 7 HP each and a 15 second respawn. They must stay with the tablet holder at all times. If they are respawning the tablet holder must wait until all three are back at full health before moving on

The tablet holder, spectral guard and war band must move as a unit and seek the crown. All 4 pieces must be carried by the nominated random possessed. Normal war band members can be left to ‘die’.

Game play/set up

The tablet unit (TU) must now seek the crown.

The tablet shows the way to its final resting place. This is simply a case of getting from point A to point B.

However, there are 4 checkpoints the TU unit must fight their way thru before they get to the final fifth checkpoint and the crown.

Each checkpoint will be defended by one war band in an alternate running battle. Points 1 and 3 are defended by one war band, as are points 2 and 4. For example – BD contest point 1. When that combat is resolved they fall back to point 3. Again for example only, CC (if they aren’t the TU) would contest points 2 and 4.

If the TU are defeated at any check point (all players down, not including the tablet holder), a piece of the tablet crumbles to dust. Whilst there is still one piece in the possession of the TU they can still get to point 5 and find the crown (magicks!).

The TU unit must move from checkpoint to checkpoint as battle is resolved – bear in mind the rules for tablet holder and spectral guard however!

Victory/Loss conditions

If at the battle resolution at point 4, the TU have lost all pieces of the tablet it is effectively destroyed and the game is over.

If the TU get to point 4 and have all the pieces when battle is joined, all members of the TU get 7 HP and a 15 second respawn. If the TU win that battle, they may move to point 5 and retrieve the crown and the game is over. NOTE – they must have all 4 pieces at the start of the battle at point 4.

If the TU get to point 4 and still have one map piece they can still get to point 5, but they will have to defeat whatever forces that hold point 4, but without the bonuses outlined above.

NOTE: what happens if a war band recovers the crown? The war band that captured it will be able to use it in the future. This will be discussed at a later stage.

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