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Flag Battle 2

Fort v Fort

Each team will have one ballista, this will require a crew of two and can only be fired from a stationary position. The ballista is designed to take out fort gates. Also, a hit from a ballista will reduce you to 0 HP. You will then need the services of a cleric.

Arrows and throwing weapons

Both can be used by firing in AND out of a fort. They don't do structural damage, however. Arrow restrictions are in force - once an arrow has been fired it cannot be reused. Arrows on the ground will be moved to 'the pit' (the square in the middle). Archers inside a fort can take up positions on the low earth walls either side of the gate.

Movement restrictions

please refer to the map. Movement between forts takes place on the gravel paths outside of 'the pit'. Once a gate falls and you enter the fort the grassed area inside is the fighting area.

Victory conditions

both flags are in play. For a team to win they must get into the other teams fort and take the flag out of the flag holder. Both teams can attack and defend simultaneously, or choose one or the other.

Other rules

Normal cleric and mage rules apply.

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