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Escape from Balcatraz

Set up

Randomised cell blocks and corridors, entrance/egress points, guard barracks. Checkpoints and entrance/egress points will be marked.

Drakeular starts handcuffed but has a shiv tucked away (standard dagger/throwing dagger).

‘On duty’ guards manning checkpoints and cells. All other guards start in barracks.

Guards for Drakeular’s cell block have been bribed to help him escape.

All groups moving in the Balcatraz structure will need to carry a torch. If for whatever reason and individual or group has to move thru the complex without a torch, they will take double damage from all weapons.


Black Death and Sons of Durin are attempting to break Drakeular out.

Hammers of Balgranth and Crimson Company will act as NPC Guards.

Windcloaks of Greystar and Raven Clan will be attempting to make sure Drakeular does not leave Balcatraz alive.

Game play

Drakeular and his bribed guards (4) will be attempting to escape the cells area to link up with BD and SOD trying to break in. Cell and Checkpoint doors will need to be ‘lockpicked’. This will require an answer to a mathematical puzzle or riddle. There is a time limit involved as the guards will change shifts and Drakeular cannot be sure the other guards he has bribed are coming on duty. Drakeular’s group starts with one torch.

BD and SOD will start at the main entry to the prison. There are two guards on the door and they will need to be taken out with arrows and throwing daggers so they don’t call the general alert. Any missed shot or throw will alert the guards. From there they will have to also lockpick checkpoints (as above) to progress through the prison. HOWEVER they may decide to take a more direct approach and use a battering ram to break the doors (8 hits will be enough). If they choose the ram this will send the prison into general alert. BD and SOD start with one torch each.

NPC Guards will be scattered throughout the complex with the rest ‘off duty’ in the guards barracks. The Guard Captain can move through any door as he has the master keys. The barrack guards won’t leave the barracks unless: there is a shift change; or the general alarm is sounded. There are two other guards within barracks that Drakeular has bribed. Barracks Guards have one torch, with one more with the guards on the entrance guardpost.

Windcloaks and Raven Clan will start outside the prison. They can either follow BD or SOD in (after elapsed time to be advised), or find the secret entrance at the rear of the complex. The secret entrance is narrow however, so they will only be able to carry short handers and knives/daggers. Further to that, they can’t get a ram in so they will have to ‘lockpick’ their way through. They will start with one torch.

End phase/Objectives

  1. Drakeular must get his gear from the Barracks and attempt to make his escape with at least 3 of his bribed guards.
  2. BD and SOD must take control of the prison to assist Drakeular with his escape.
  3. Windcloaks must stop Drakeular leaving from prison.
  4. If Drakeular makes it out of the prison, BD and SOD will then fight their way out to link up with the bribed guards. They will then have to get Drakeular to a checkpoint.
  5. Once Drakeular is out of the prison – and regardless of how many lives he has left – he will ‘die’ once returned to 0 HP.
  6. Windcloaks and Raven Clan must kill Drakeular.


There are 3 entrances/egresses to the prison.

You cannot run in the prison – it is too dark.

Drakeular has 3 ‘lives’ at 10 HP.

Drakeular’s armour, sword, shield are held in the Guards Barracks.

Cleric healing for all except guards and Drakeular. Guards respawn from the Barracks.

Guards are split 50/50 between being on duty and being in barracks.

Guards will fight anyone in the prison who shouldn’t be there!

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