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Crimson Fields

In Game bonuses: hidden dwarven gold hoard of 200 gold pieces.

Pre Purchase: 1 x Banner of Protection 100 gold pieces = immune to Instakill for entire game.

Mercs: buy up *all* the unallocated players for the day 50 gold pieces = remains in play for entire game.

The Dragon Amulet 80 gold pieces = Battle Mage doubles damage for chosen spell (or time if Freeze) for entire game.

Crimson Fields: Kill a member of Crimson Company and your war band gets 20 gold pieces from the Balgranth Treasury!

Alliances: None

Mercenaries (unallocated): Available for hire. See 'Mercs' purchasable item.

Unit coherencies:

Crimson Company (CC) - skirmish Windcloaks (WC) - skirmish Black Death (BD) - closed Hammers (HB) - closed

*Special movement rules: Warbands can run/jog/walk as appropriate to terrain (and fitness levels). This does not affect 'closed' unit coherency. *Special healing rules: Due to the nature of the battle, a player once 'killed' may be separated from their unit. If a player finds themselves a long way from their cleric they may move towards the general area where their war band is. Casualties will move with either their arm or weapon in the air and then sit or kneel down to await healing.

Starting areas: Whole of field battle. Teams start at points of compass.

Game play:

Main objective for BD, HB and WC is kill CC players. All CC players will wear a bandana. The bandana represents both a 'death' and 20 gold pieces. When a CC player is reduced to 0 (zero) HP they must give that bandana to the team that killed them. The CC player can be healed and rejoin the battle however. Once CC have lost all their bandanas i.e. each member has been 'killed' the phase is effectively over (barring other game objectives - see below).

End of phase: all bandanas have been collected - CC and Captains. Full reset for next phase.

Side objectives: 1. Find the dwarven gold hoard (200 gold pieces).

2. Want to get ahead? Get a head! Each Captain 'killed' is worth 30 gold pieces (does not apply to CC Captain). Captains of war bands will wear a bandana and when reduced to 0 HP they must give that bandana to the team that killed them. The Captain can be healed and rejoin the battle however.

3. Secret Missions. Prior to the start of a phase each warband will be given a special mission. This will either be to 'Assassinate' or 'Capture' a player (target) in another warband. The target will not know they have been selected. Missions are time critical - once all CC and Captain bandanas are collected the phase ends.

Assassinate: not only do you have to kill the target, you must do it in the way described i.e. Target must be Instakilled. Successful assassination mission pays 50 gold pieces. Once target has been dispatched they can get healing and rejoin the fight. Capture: to capture a target, the nominated player must be on 0 (zero) HP. Your Cleric can then 'Heal' them, and your warband must then escort the captive to a nominated point. The target's warband may attempt a rescue - this would mean you have driven off or killed their captors. Successful capture mission pays 80 gold pieces (you get nothing for a rescue). Captured player once escorted to nominated point is then free to rejoin their warband.

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