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Character Sheet

Purpose: Maintain a character and keep both the player and the GMs informed of any changes

  • A player may have several characters and several character sheets.

Player Information

  • Full Name - What tends to appear on legal documents
  • Preferred Name - What you want people to call you
  • Contact Details - Preferred method of contact, and other contacts

Game Information

  • Roleplayer (Y/N) - Whether you want to engage in roleplaying, character and story progression
    • Plot Involvement (Not at all, Occasional, Important) - How often you want the GMs to include your character in stories and plots. Only applicable to roleplayers
  • Membership - Your ID, and when your fees are due
  • Qualifications - What the GMs have qualified you for - see qualifications
  • Awards - Earned awards
  • XP - Your current unspent XP - see spending_xp
  • Warband - Your current affiliation - see warbands

Character Information

The following is only for roleplayers-

  • Full Name - What tends to appear on the character's legal documents
  • Preferred Name - What you want people to call you
  • Race - see races
  • Class - see classes
  • Description - A photo and text description of your costume
  • Background - Worth 5 XP, required for characters that want a high plot involvement
  • Level - Green, Adventurer or Veteran - see character advancement
  • Skills - A list of all skills from race, class, level or anything else - see skills
  • Session Reports - Worth 1 XP each (not printed on the sheet, only kept online)
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