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Bitter Seeds


Black Death: None Crimson Company: None Hammers: Loose alliance with Windcloaks & Durin Windcloaks: Loose alliance with Durin and Hammers Sons of Durin: Loose alliance with Hammers & Windcloaks Formation is set to skirmishing parties. No less than three people.

Phase One:

At the converging of Ley-lines there will be three magical circles. Depending on what your objective is, any of these circles are where all bonding/sacrificing/forging is to happen. Also, as there will be a lot of skirmishing, these will also serve as respawn points. If you are dead and not with your cleric you may WALK yourself to a power circle, make a slow count to 30 and be reborn. People respawning do not affect anything else happening within the circle. However if a circle is contested, that does put a hold on anything that may be happening, as per regular fort/contested rules.

To capture a player is the normal cleric revive, and will require contact from one guard, to be escorted. Mages and clerics will need two. To capture a cleric, two guards must be present while the cleric revives themselves. This phase will end when all powershards have been accounted for.

Black Death & Crimson Company Find the powershards, and bond them to sacrifices. Whomever bonds the most powershards will control the Abominog next game. -Clerics and Mages provide greater power to your Abominog. -Until a shard is bonded, it can be stolen.

Windcloaks Find the three items to create a weapon capable of killing the Necromancer and destroying the powershards or those they're bonded with. -Once you have all three items it will take a collective time of 10 minutes to create -If the spell is interrupted, the timer must be stopped, and can only resume once the circle is clear

Sons of Durin You are free to assist the Windcloaks or Hammers. Or harass the BD and CC. You can switch and change as you please, and remove your assistance whenever. However you can not outright go against the Hammers or Windcloaks. You are the element of chaos

Hammers Your objective is to stop the powershards from being bonded, by finding or stealing them and destroying them. Once they're bonded it is too late. Also, try to keep a hold on Drakeular

Phase Two

Which ever team bonded the most powershards must now sacrifice all of the bonded and condense the power down into the Abominog. This will require you to capture a bonded one, escort them to a circle where either Cleric or Mage must perform a chant, and then kill the bonded and the chosen (a player who will be playing the Abominog next game). The chosen is now out of the game for five minutes. If more than one circle remains, this cannot be performed twice in a row in the same circle.

The Allied forces must settle their differences to stop this from happening, by destroying the circles, or cleansing the bonded ones. To destroy a circle a cleric must kill three captured enemies within the circle after which a Mage must cast a lightning bolt. If the cleric leaves (or is forced) from the circle, the process starts again. To cleanse a bonded one, will require the magic forged weapon of the Windcloaks. So capture a bonded, escort them to a circle and kill them with the forged weapon. This player is now out the game for five minutes.

The remaining force (either Black Death or Crimson Company) must try to stop the destroying of the Circles and the bonded. This will yield a gold reward for every attempt successfully stopped.

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