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The Adventurer's Handbook (2nd ed)

Ever wanted to live out a D&D adventure but could do without all the dice? Have you longed to assassinate an Assassin? To cleave a Cleric? Wear a funny cape? Loot looters? Adventurers – sign up!

Teams of 5 – 6* (*Depends how many archers we have.) You can only have one (*or two – see special rules) of the following classes:

  • Battle Mage
  • Cleric
  • Archer
  • Knight or Berserker
  • Skirmisher - Thief/Assassin (up to 2)

Load outs


Standard archer load out. Arrows do *3* HP damage Can collect arrows after completing a quest. Knight: 8 – 9 HP, sword (or other one-hander) and shield ONLY.


8 – 9 HP, two-handed sword ONLY. Once per quest can do a single CLEAVE which does 2HP. (No spears or polearms)


Dual wield, throwing weapons. Thief can steal gold (just like instaikill) Assassin can insta-kill.

Battle Mage

Battle Mages get ‘Lightning Bolt’. 30 second word count (out loud e.g. one thousand, two thousand) to charge it up. Does 3 HP damage. Requires spell ball. All other rules as per standard BM rules.


Clerics get ‘3 HP *Heal* - 25 second word count (out loud e.g. one thousand, two thousand). Hands on and stationary - then yell “HEAL!” This applies as both a top up and for players on zero HP – including the cleric. All other rules as per standard Cleric rules.

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