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  Academicians for Game Logic Great House game theorists setting participant homeworlder great_houses tier5 , , , ,
  Battle Insight When you roll Recover, On a 10+ you may choose to ask the Grandfather any one question on the Discern Reality list. You or an ally have Advantag… , ,
  Conceptual Entities " Engineered beings or weapons (in many cases conceptual entities are both) which exist only as concepts, and have no provable substance a… , , ,
  Cwejen cloned frontline troops setting participant homeworlder house_military tier6 , , , ,
  Decades of Experience Being decades old, you have a wealth of experience. When a character comes to you for advice and you tell them what you think is best, th… , ,
  Eremites Rejectionist hermits predating Faction Paradox setting participant homeworlder great_houses tier5 , , , ,
  Homeworlders Homeworlders make up five of the seven major Participants in the War in Heaven. Albeit they are a minority in Faction Paradox and the Celestis ar… , ,
  Investigators detective/assassin conceptual beings given physical form setting participant homeworlder celestis tier6 , , , ,
  Jury-Rig When you haphazardly use whatever parts you have on hand to hastily construct or repair a device or Vehicle, say what you mean to do and roll * On … , ,
  Nechronmancers dead-time weaponsmiths setting participant homeworlder house_military tier6 , , , ,
  Order of the Weal Rationalist cult setting participant homeworlder great_houses tier5 , , , ,
  Reader of Lesser Species When discerning realities you may also choose to ask the Grandfather “How do I get them to do what I command?” moves homeworlder basi… , ,
  Redemption Cult an extremist cult within the troops (notably the regen-inf) setting participant homeworlder house_military tier6 , , , ,
  Regeneration When you suffer fatal Harm from weapons or events not specifically designed to kill Homeworlders: * If you are in your base, roll with advantag… , ,
  That's Lord to you You have a reputation throughout the Spiral Politic that causes fear and hatred. If you are ever recognised as a Homeworlder you will have … , ,
  The Celestis [The Celestis] " By their very nature, they only exist on the sidelines of the War. Once an elite cadre among the Houses,, when they realised th… , , , ,
  The Great Houses [The Great Houses] " The static, aristocratic bloodlines which have - traditionally - been seen as responsible for the structure of the Spir… , , , ,
  The Homeworlder Background Choose one-[Homeworlder] Signature Moves As a Homeworlder you start with three signature moves Basic Moves Your first five adva… , ,
  The House Military [The House Military] " Safe in their enclave at the dead centre of history, in the past it's been rare for members of the Great Houses to … , , , ,
  The Lords Celestial the ruling class within Mictlan setting participant homeworlder celestis tier6 , , , ,
  The Skasis Paradigm When you rant about exactly how bad the situation is right now and how monumentally screwed you and your allies are, and that no one else i… , ,
  Time Sense When you first encounter a Alter effect, take +1 when you try to discern its properties. On a hit, you also grant your allies the +1 bonus when acti… , ,
  Tutored Education When making a Spout Technobabble move, on a 6 or less treat the roll as a 7-9 instead moves homeworlder basic , ,
  Two Hearts You may Spout Technobabble once per session to ignore one instance of Harm (of any level) taken. moves homeworlder signature , ,