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East London

Pages about East London.

  Bethnal Green Pronounced 'Befnal' Green, the accent is noticeably London, and residents seem long established. There is no real heart to the area, perhaps beca… ,
  Bow You can't miss Bow Church, it sits right in the middle of the main road, traffic flowing around it. A true Cockney is born within the sound of Bow Bells. B… ,
  East Ham East Ham is a place in the London Borough of Newham. It is a built-up district located 8 miles (12.8 km) east north-east of Charing Cross. east londo… ,
  Eastern District [East London] Other parts of London * start * start * start * start * start East District on Wikipedia E1 E2 Aldgate Wikipedi… ,
  Hackney I've been living in London for 6 years, but I never experienced its real multicultural society until I decided to move to Hackney. Now I can't imagine … ,
  Isle of Dogs A story could be told at this juncture, of King Henry VIII hunting here, and his dogs escaping and running wild in packs, but it is probably apocr… ,
  Limehouse Limehouse is a place in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It is on the northern bank of the River Thames opposite Rotherhithe and between Shadwell… ,
  Mile End Bordered to the north by Victoria Park and a canal, and containing the fine Georgian terraces around Tredegar Square, Mile End could almost become res… ,
  Poplar To the north of Docklands, Poplar retains its working class character. Its eastern flank is marked by an urban motorway and the River Lea. Once, this ri… ,
  Spitalfield Once a graveyard for Roman London, the old Spitalfields fruit and vegetable market is no more. The market buildings are currently used to house and… ,
  Stepney The remaining 'true' East Enders, 'Cockneys' if you like, are found these days in Bow, Mile-End, Poplar, Stepney and Bethnal Green. A definition would … ,
  Wapping South of Whitechapel is Wapping. Next to the Tower of London is St Katherine's Dock surrounded by a hotel, touristy shops, restaurants, offices and ful… ,
  Whitechapel South of Spitalfields is Whitechapel. Dominating the area is the enormous London Hospital and the surrounding 'rag' trade - the shops, workshops an… ,
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