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South of Whitechapel is Wapping. Next to the Tower of London is St Katherine's Dock surrounded by a hotel, touristy shops, restaurants, offices and full of expensive-looking yachts. All the way along the river from St Katherine's to Limehouse are new flats, some built in the old warehouses and some newly built to resemble warehouses. Worthy of note are a group of Georgian houses at Wapping Pierhead on the river, and a part of Wapping High Street - not a High Street at all, there are no shops - that still has the old warehouses and will be familiar to most fans of British television, as it seems to be used in just about every TV series and film when dark and menacing street scenes are required. The disappointing but very old Prospect of Whitby pub is here, on the riverside. There are a few old churches, including a Hawksmoor masterpiece, several of which remain bombed out.

The East London Line of the London Underground crosses the river at Wapping through a recently restored tunnel originally built by Brunel8. You can just glimpse the entrance from the train before it takes you to the strange places 'sahf' of the river.

Along The Highway9 is a notable White Elephant. The attractive Tobacco Dock shopping mall, now echoingly bereft of shops, was built some 15 years ago to attract Covent Garden10 types to the area but never did.

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