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Joining the Remote

Introduction to the Remote

The planet Ordifica was an outer human colony long out of touch with human civilisation. They specialised in media and entertainment. The Faction infiltrated this society for their own ends and managed to evacuate enough of the population from the planet when the Time Lords discovered what they were up to and destroyed the planet. The remaining humans were given implants to link them directly to the media which has the side effect of sterilising them.


Members of the Remote reproduce through Remembrance Tanks. A biomass in the tank is formed over a period of time based on the memories of everyone in the Remote. The end result is that people live forever as gradually more stereotyped versions of themselves.

The Media

The media is a conceptual technology given to them from the Faction. A thick black globe of Cold. It processes and transmits conscious and subconscious thoughts throughout all members of the Remote. The Remote behave in a similar manner to the Borg but have independant will - their conscious minds are not slaved to the collective conscious, but it is their subconscious.


The Remote's primary colony is called Anathema. A city built on the side of a Time Lord warship from The War that is journeying at sublight speeds towards Earth. The warship is full of Cold and may be set off sometime in the future to cause Earth to cease to exist.

Possible methods of joining

  • Inducted by a member
    • Lesser Species only
    • Has a life before the Remote“
    • Least beginning Remote rites and powers.
  • Grown in a Remembrance Tank
    • No background other than what the Remote gives you
    • Most Remote rites and powers, although they may be specialised.

Possible Species

  • Lesser Species
    • Human only

Possible Sayings

Anything from the local media

Bad Stuff

All Remote members must have some Bad Stuff.

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