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You can't miss Bow Church, it sits right in the middle of the main road, traffic flowing around it. A true Cockney is born within the sound of Bow Bells. Both this church and the much older and prettier St Mary le Bow church in The City claim to be the centre of this folk legend. If it were the City church, then numbers of true Cockneys would be tiny. This Bow Church makes more sense.

To the south of Bow is Bromley-by-Bow, dominated by a large hospital and given over almost entirely to public housing. For some reason, a little of Bromley slips over the other side of the motorway and includes the same house on a canal that was built for the TV programme Big Brother.

To the north of the church are the new 'loft' dwellers of the converted Bryant and May match factory. This was the site of early stirrings of the suffragette movement, with the match-girls going on strike in the 1880s.

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