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The Bone Cat

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Part I: Felis Silvestris Catus Ossa

Setting: Cairo

  • Ravikiran sees Madam Astara hanging about his flop house, down on her luck.
  • Kitty receives a card from an old academic aquaintance and sets up a meeting with her for tea. The professora is Russian and interest in Trojan cults and cats.
  • A strange woman stares at Alec after he wakes up from a presumably several-day-bender where he missed the whole riverboat thing.
  • While maintaining his Sopwith Camel at a less than official airfield hoping his plane doesn't get recognised, Mr White overhears the arrival of a fascist from Italy, acting as a courier for a parcel “not meant for Gypsy hands to get hold of”. He sabotages the courier's plane hoping he won't make it back to Italy. But while attempting to steal the parcel, is recognised and he therefore retreats, leaving the parcel to travel to the Itallian embassy.
  • Kitty visits Jack, who, while healed, is still in pain. She receives a letter from her landlady.
  • professora's luggage was ransacked and items stolen - something specific - the bones of an Egyptian cat. Kitty invites professora to stay with her in the meantime.
  • Alec and White meet back at the hotel and discuss plans to burgle the embassy. Kitty phones White and asks him to come by and help with Madam Astara
  • On the way to meet up, Alec is given a trepidatious card from the Order of the Scarab which Astara confirms as a recruitment device.
  • Astara's career and prospects ruined by Ravikiran, she has left the Order who have now sent Assassins after her.
  • Kitty's hat blows off and the waiter attacks with 2 swords, in a heated battle the assassin shows himself to be the equal of everyone present
  • Ravikiran whispers words into the Assassin's ear - he falls to the ground in convulsions.


  • Two more assassins are due to attack Astara when word of the first's failure reaches their homebase
  • Finnegan presumably has the Marconi Device

Part II: A Remedium Per Pugnis

Setting: Ancient Egyptian Temple

  • Kitty, the professora and Ravikiran go to the dig site
  • Finnegan is notified that there may be problems at the dig site, which has been out of communication for several days
  • Mr White, despite advice from mechanics regarding weather and sand storms, decides to risk flying out to the site with Finnegan out
  • The dig site is empty of workers
  • Kitty & Ravi enter the temple and notice quite a few cats
  • White and Finnegan beat the storm, noticing a group of people also trying to beat the storm, landing the plane near the excavated temple. There was a force buffeting the plane attempting to stop it from landing
  • Chanting is heard by Kitty & Ravi
  • The cats in the temple notice Kitty's bone necklace
  • The professora succumbs to a mental attack that almost takes Ravi and Kitty as well. She wanders out to an island in the temple which contains many people, near exhaustion, chanting.

There is a sarcophagus on the island with markings different from the temple Ravi starts punching cultists

  • Kitty shoots the mummy that rises from the sarcophagus to little effect
  • Mr White is briefly mind controlled when they catchup to Kitty & Ravi. Finnegan administers a Remedium Per Pugnis
  • Ravi sets fire to the mummy, the sarcophagas, random strangers and the temple in general claiming he was “aiming for the mummy”
  • Kitty becomes a bit catlike in behaviour and is able to convince the zephyrs and wind sprites that had been plaguing the party since arriving at the temple, to take the water that surrounds the lake and douse the flames
  • Ravi damages 2 chakra on the mummy
  • White reads the sarcophagus, is able to discern further weaknesses of the mummy and banish it from the temple. It lumbers away frightened.


  • Finnegan: If only we had some way of communicating with them quickly!
  • Mr White: A Marconigram?
  • Finnegan: So what, we tell someone the message, kill them, and hope they have a Marconi Device at their end to communicate with the spirit?
  • Mr White: Yep.

Part III: Making the Bast of the Situation

Setting: Ancient Egyptian Temple

  • Kitty dreams of being on a featureless plain following a cat
  • The figures in the sandstorm blow up the entrance to the temple, trapping everyone inside
  • Everyone is low on supplies. The dig site crew are set to taking stock of everything
  • Kitty talks to a cat spirit about initiation
  • The group travel down an underground river in a mystical reed boat
  • Crocodiles try to upset the boat
  • A crocodile bites the stern of the boat, White beats it off with a flaming sleeve
  • Another bites the paddles
  • Boat eventually reaches a sand bank after beating off the crocodiles
  • A maze is entered, in which the remains of the mummy are found, seeking atonement from Bast
  • Kitty turns down Bast's offer of help and priesthood
  • Returning via the river to the dig site, the group discovers it's totally over-run with the Order of the Scarab
  • Kitty and Ravi sneak into the camp. Mr White stays outside with a stick of dynamite.


  • PC: Note for the future, no flash mobs in a tomb


  • Mr White smokes
  • Bast is still interested in recruiting Kitty

Part IV: Dig Sites should not Explode

Setting Archeological digsite

  • Alec is on a featureless plain. There are stars in the sky and the constellations are military. Including Japanese military uniforms. There is a very large dung beetle. The colonels in the stars watch as the beetle moving the sun comes closer to Alec. Alec is dressed in the costume of a desert adventurer.
  • Alec wakes up in a warm place with his head in a hesian sack, hearing gun fire. He's tied up.
  • Finnegan wanders through the sandstorm looking for supplies. Saw shapes in the sandstorm and was hit from behind. Wakes up in a store room tent and tied up.
  • Finnegan tries not to listen to Ravi, as he knows what happens to those that do.
  • Alec escapes his bonds to find himself in a car boot. Takes a jolly good kick to get out.
  • Ravi, Kitty and White are together, surrounded by thugs.
  • The thugs seem intimidated by Kitty's amulet
  • Alec is in a white robe
  • Alec tries to start the car he was locked up in. There were no weapons in the car
  • Kitty tells them to stand down
  • A man in a black robe approaches and looks at Kitty. His robe is embroidered with scarabs. He accuses Kitty of being the prophesied destroyer and orders the thugs to kill her.
  • Just then the car drives down. Kitty only just gets out of the way. White manages to climb into the back of the car.
  • Ravi stealths out of view, helping Kitty to also sneak away.
  • The thugs charge towards Kitty.
  • Finnegan rushes to help with a lit stick of dynamite.
  • Alex spots the black robed figure and drives towards him. White takes a potshot, but as they drive into a ditch, he only grazes the head of the the man, revealing his egyptian features. Thugs start to swarm the car and White attempts to hold them at bay with the dynamite.
  • Finnegan throws the dynamite, but not as far as he likes. Ravi and Kitty dive out of the way. Firey bits of debris land on nearby sources of dynamite - crates and the supply tent.
  • Two thugs attack White, Alec bashes off one of them.
  • Kitty, Ravi and Finnegan engage in melee combat with their thugs. Some small explosives go off from the flaming debris and injure them.
  • Finnegan leaps into a tent with water barrels.
  • White lights the dynamite, detaches the fuse and stuffs it down the pants of a thug. This intimidates the thugs to flee.
  • Kitty is confronted by the black robed cultist and fires at him. He isn't killed, and orders nearby thugs to attack Kitty to complete their initiation.
  • The final storage tent of all the dynamite explodes, knocking to the ground the thugs that were menacing Kitty.
  • Alec and White attempt to stop some of the fleeing horses, Alec is knocked down but White manages to start calming one.
  • Kitty threatens the thugs with vengence of the gods - some are affected.
  • Ravi takes out a thug.
  • F&K on finding each other in the confusion - “Marco” … BOOM … “Polo”
  • Finnegan takes out the thug menacing Kitty.
  • All the bad guys run away.
  • Ravi sees that Alec is wearing initiation robes of the Order of the Scarab and hits him. Finnegan helps wrestle Alec to the ground
  • Finnegan wants to take him back to town in the trunk of the car and interrogate him.
  • With Finnegan's bag of dynamite - Kitty and White open the temple entrance.
  • Ravi wants to interrogate some of the initiates left.
  • The Professora and crew are rescued.
  • The plane is taken out of the temple in working condition.
  • The acolytes/initiates regard Alec as not worthy of the Order. Ravi intimidates them. They're terrified of Kitty.
  • Some cats come out of the temple
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