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Off-Cuts and Afterthoughts

As they were originally written, the first two volumes of The Faction Paradox Protocols took a slightly different form to the finished versions: the story was intercut with reconstructions“, short monolgues explaining the background of the Spiral Politic (much like some of the material on this website). A lot of this scene-setting was eventually turned into dialogue, but some of it was lost altogether.” In the next few months, we hope to make the original recordings of these reconstructions“ available on this site as audio files. But for the time being, here are the missing sections as they appeared in the scripts. (Note: some of these extracts refer to the events of The Eleven-Day Empire and The Shadow Play, so if you haven't already heard the CDs then the following material might reveal certain things about the plot.)”

  1. On Armour (Godfather Morlock)
  2. On Failure (Cousin Justine)
  3. On Weaponry (the Sontarans) missing
  4. On Parliament (Godfather Morlock) missing
  5. On Politics (Lolita) missing
  6. On Shadows (Godfather Morlock) missing
  7. On Truth (Godfather Morlock)
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