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Reconstruction 8

On Truth

(From the lecture notes of Godfather Morlock.) 'Truth. My students often ask me, can I discern truth from a body? It seems, they say, like a very simple task. I can cut apart the fibres of the brain, one neuron at a time. I can disassemble the human memory, piece by piece. So surely I should be able to perform a minor miracle like discerning the truth of someone's life? To cut away the candy-floss and find out what really happened? 'But this rather misses the point. The human brain isn't merely a tool for processing information. It's an engine designed for refining truth. All of us are connected to the web of time, at some level. By reshaping the truth in our minds, we redefine history. There is no past but the past our engines make for us. Though most of the Houses still wish to believe that there's a right“ way for history to happen, we of the Faction know better. If we seem to have a disregard for history, or for time itself, then it's only because we have a greater respect for ourselves than the rest do. We all give ourselves dignity by reinventing ourselves as better people. It's simply that some of us choose to do it more literally than others. If our rituals seem like posturing, then it's no different to what ordinary people do every day when they look at themselves in their mirrors and try to convince themselves that they're not looking any older, any weaker, or any uglier.” 'Tomorrow we'll all be different people. Those of us who'll be here at all.'


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