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Reconstruction 2

On Failure

(From the private confessional of Cousin Justine.) 'I don't intend to argue. It's not in my nature to be disobediant, certainly not to Godfather Morlock. But I don't understand. I don't understand why I haven't already been punished. 'I was sent on a mission once before. Shortly after I became a Cousin. The nature of the mission isn't something I wish to dwell on, but… I failed in my duty. I've been assured that it wasn't my fault, that it was the other Houses who sabotaged matters, but a failure is still a failure, surely? Father Sanjira… he was my guardian, when I first joined the family… Father Sanjira failed in his duty as well, and he died for that failure. He sacrificed himself to the spirits. I told Godfather Morlock this, and he informed me that the Faction doesn't kill its children for making mistakes. If the spirits told Father Sanjira to kill himself, then he must have wanted to die. He must have secretly desired his punishment. ' But I still don't understand. The Godfather tells me failure is good, and that we need failure in order to learn, but… if we punish ourselves for our mistakes, and only if we want to be punished, then will I destroy myself too? 'I don't think I understand what the House sees in me. Unless it just wants my blood.'


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