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Reconstruction 4

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On Armour

(Second day Faction Paradox briefing, as given by Godfather Morlock.)

'Now, observe this armour. As new members of our family, this is the uniform you'll be expected to wear on ceremonial occasions, or, heaven forbid, if you ever have to go into real-life combat. It's the best protection you're ever likely to possess, and I should know, because I designed most of it.

'I'm sure you'll all have noticed the hardwired biokinetic system and the airtight layer of artificial membrane, while the more observant among you might also have spotted that the armour's framework looks a lot like bone. There's a reason for that, of course. It's because the whole suit's made out of a skeleton. You don't need to know what it was the skeleton of, but let's just say that if you run into something that's six foot three and covered in chitinous plating then you might want to think about leaving the room before it notices you're wearing one of its ancestors. It's enough to know that these are the bones of one of the toughest humanoid species known to the family, and if sympathetic magic's what it used to be then some of that strength should rub off on you.

'Of course, now you'll be asking yourselves the obvious question. If these things are so tough, then how did we manage to kill them for their skeletons in the first place? Not that I want to reduce your confidence in your armour.'

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