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 Alec Trevelian and the Insidious Plot of the Murder Colonels The Murder Colonels from Beyond use Alec's silent movie as a beachhead into this dimension! * …, , , , ,
 [Characters - Notable personages and their past adventures] Characters Blank Character Sheets * Multipage * [Cyberpunk] * [Fantasy] * [Gothic] *…, , ,
 Double or Nothing! She had it all... Amberley decided she would get rich or die trying - literally! Setting off to rob a luxury liner single-handedly, she fin…, , , ,
 Finnegan vs The New Roman Empire The exciting tale of Finnegan's fight against the rise of the Fascist state. Sent to stay with his Italian relatives, Finnegan…, , , , , ,
 Kitty Smithson and the Bone Cat of Troy Travelling through Europe after the war, Kitty finds herself at the excavation of Troy. The Bone Cat - fragile, stylise…, , , , ,
 Marconi's Cadaverous Prototype Aspects * Communicate with spirits Appearances * Cairo Fortunes spirit artifact marconi_cadaverous_prototype, ,
 [Misc - Everything else] Miscellaneous Artifacts * The Bone Cat * Crystal Chakram * The Dagger of Norn * Egyptian Coin Showing Cleopatra and Ceaser …, ,
 Mr White versus The Red Claw Tracking down a mafia-like asian gang that killed one of his parents, Mr White hunts them down and kills their leader. * Aspect…, , , , , , , ,
 Ravikiran Ifrit and the Final Sentence In the wilds of New Jersey lies a sprawling underground vault where Edison kept his mistakes. A group of The Order of th…, , , ,
 [Sessions - Current adventures] Sessions Back to Spirit of the Century ---------- * Cairo Fortunes * Part I: Aligning Stars * Part II: Paddlesteamer…,
 Sopwith Camel Aspects * Biplane * Stolen Appearances * Finnegan vs The New Roman Empire spirit artifact sopwith_camel, ,
 Spirit of the Century Setting Sessions [Setting - All about the world] [Sessions - Current adventures] Characters [Characters - Notable personages and the…
 The Dagger of Norn Aspects * Scandinavian mystical artifact * Cuts away metaphysical properties (ie emotions etc) Appearances * Mr White versus The Re…, ,
 The Order of the Scarab Aspects * Worshippers of The Sapphire Scarab Appearances * Cairo Fortunes Part II: Paddlesteamer on the Nile spirit group the_o…, ,
 The Sapphire Scarab Aspects * Worshipped by The Order of the Scarab Appearances spirit artifact the_sapphire_scarab, ,