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 Citizens This is a definition of the kinds of people you would find in The City of the Saved. A broad definition is every genetically near human and their des…,
 Conceptual Entities " Engineered beings or weapons (in many cases conceptual entities are both) which exist only as concepts, and have no provable substance a…, , ,
 Homeworlders Homeworlders make up five of the seven major Participants in the War in Heaven. Albeit they are a minority in Faction Paradox and the Celestis ar…, ,
 Lesser Species Lesser species (as classified by The Great Houses) covers just about everyone that isn't a homeworlder. Attributes Lesser species come in al…, ,
 Memewolves The sad history of these tortured souls goes back to the infection of the planet Wolfenkinder by the Celestis. They infected the Noosphere of the pl…, , ,