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The Indian Prince

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Part I: Easter

Setting: Cairo

  • Alec at a Egyptian themed party, on the third day cracks open a “phoenix” egg only to be attacked by an illusionary mechanical bird
  • Attending a Mass for Easter, Mr White spots an old colleague from WW1 - Mariana, now a nun and nervous, wishing to speak to the priest after the service. Mr White while trying to hide and find out what is going on, tries to enter the confessional only to find a possibly Indian 4 year old boy there already. This boy is under the car of Mariana.
  • A scream outside brings Mr White outside the church to discover the verger being menaced by a gang of thugs which includes asian members. He intimidates them away from the verger, only to notice one of them make a distinctive Black Dragon insulting gesture.
  • Ravikiran comes by and helps capture the gang member and various interrogation techniques reveal that the gang is after the boy who is possible Indian royalty. Also the Dragon Fang high ranking member of the Black Dragon is staying at a certain hotel in Cairo.
  • The boy is set free after Ravi hits his throat chakra, disabling is voice.
  • Ruffians appear at Alec's party
  • With Alec's leadership, the local security forces overpower the ruffians and Alec questions their leader. They are drug dealers - Alec offers to buy from them, wishing to test their product. Disappointed in their poor quality, Alec offers constructive criticism before leaving them his card in case they improve their product.
  • White offers to take Mariana and the boy to Italy in his plane, but is informed by Hans that the plane was damaged in the sandstorm and requires two days to repair. So instead he offers to have them stay at his hotel.
  • Mr White sees the fascist in the foyer, so goes and gets Alec to to check them in instead, interrupting his conversation with Gunther von Klaus
  • The fascist talks to Mr White and reveals he knows the Black Dragon gang is in Cairo and old enemies of Mr White
  • The gang has locals watching the hotel


  • Mr White's mechanic is Hans and is Dutch (and no relation to Gunther von Klaus who is Austrian)
  • Mr White is catholic
  • Mariana and Mr White had a thing back in the day


  • PC to JR: NO, Andrew Lloyd Webber is not the goddess of cats.
  • PC to JR: We really need an Alec retrieval claw for situations like this.
    JR: “..oh no, Alec's joined yet another cult…”

Part II: The Blimp of Damocles

Setting: White & Trevelian's hotel

  • Following up on the progress of Archer, Kitty follows a lead on a gang possibly related to it - ending up in a warehouse that turns into a blimp
  • Snipers set up outside Mr White's hotel room
  • The gang spying on the hotel withdraws while a blimp attacks
  • The nun and the boy are not found in Alec's room
  • Thugs rappel down from the blimp and attack, attempting to get the boy
  • Mr White swings across the roofs to the snipers and struggles with them. Eventually killing one and scaring the other two off


  • Mr White's is on the roof of a nearby building with a Jezail sniper rifle
  • The nun and the boy were saved
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