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Fiendish Creation Rules


Revealing the encounter cards for a room that displays the words “Fiendish Creation” will tell you the following things about the type of creation-

  • Agility, Dexterity, Toughness, Strength, Health and Move
  • Special Power(s)
  • How many creations are in the room

Turn Sequence

  1. Reveal cards
  2. Name it (you have 30 seconds)
  3. Place the creation

Once creations are in play, they move each turn after all players have moved. They always move towards the nearest villager, if given a choice - the player who revealed these creations chooses.

Difficulty Levels

  • Low: 0
  • Medium: 1
  • High: 2

Naming Rules

The names of fiendish creations should match what they can do, and what type of evil tyrant the villagers are facing. The player that reveals the card has 30 seconds in which to name it - the other players will be judging the time and the quality of the name.

  • If the name is both unique and apt, the player receives the placement and advantage bonuses.
  • If the name has been used before, the player only gets the placement bonus.
  • If the creation is not named, any other player may name it with a unique and apt name and get the placement bonus.
  • If no one can be bothered naming the creation, it is placed in the middle of the room.
Advantage Bonus

The player receives a morale counter.

Placement Bonus

The player may put the counter(s) for the creation where they like in the room. All the counters must be in contact with each other.

Types of Creation

  • Swarm
    • Difficulty of Low to Medium
    • 4-8 creations
  • Mob
    • Difficulty of Low to Medium
    • 2-4 creations
    • Characteristic specialisations
  • Boss
    • Difficulty of Medium to High
    • 1-2 creations
    • Special power

Characteristic Specialisations

If the characteristic of the defender is equal or less than the level of the Creation (0/1/2) then +1 damage is caused. The characteristic that is looked at is based on the type of Evil Tyrant:

  • Mad Scientist
    • Characteristic: Skill
  • Evil Sorceror
    • Characteristic: Willpower
  • Dastardly Baron
    • Characteristic: Strength
  • Necromancer
    • Characteristic: none. Mobs belonging to Necromancers do not cause additional damage.

Special Powers

Which power a Boss has is based on the letter shown on the level card.

  • Mad Scientist
    • Power A
      • Science!: +1 Toughness, +1 Damage unless the skill of the attacking villager is higher than the level of the creation.
    • Power B
      • Scary: Fear drains 2 morale unless a skill of the attacking villager is higher than the level of the creation. If a player has more than one villager attacking, the player will only lose 2 morale.
  • Evil Sorceror
    • Power A
      • Scary: Fear drains 1 morale each turn from each attacking player. If a player has more than one villager attacking, the player will only lose 1 morale.
    • Power B
      • Possession: If an attacker hits but fails to wound, the are possessed for 1 turn. On their next turn they attack the nearest villager, after which they return to normal.
  • Dastardly Baron
    • Power A
      • Extra Tough: +1 Toughness
    • Power B
      • Extra Strong: +1 Damage
  • Necromancer
    • Power A
      • Ressurrector: Resurrect 1 creature each turn until the boss is dead. Start with the creations killed closest to the boss and work outwards (ie the closer to the boss, the higher in the queue). If a creation is killed after resurrection, it is put at the bottom of the queue for what gets resurrected next.
    • Power B
      • Undead: The boss resurrects itself after death. Each time a door to a new room is opened, it resurrects. The boss comes back with a cumulative one less in its Agility, Toughness and Health. No statistic can go below 1. This boss can only be permanently destroyed with a magic weapon.
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