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  A Little Help When you learn something new from another Coterie Member explaining what’s happening, mark Experience. If this results in an advance, both of you… , ,
  Acquire Asset Make a resource available for the next scenario Gain temporary use of an asset: * One special item for you, or a set of common items for your… ,
  Act under Pressure When you do something under pressure or endure duress: * On a 10+, you do it. * On a 7–9, the Grandfather can offer you success at a … , ,
  Ad Vitem You escaped with some remaining invulnerability. You start with 4 Hold. If you spend a downtime action Commune with the Spirits you may get an addit… , ,
  All Part of the Plan Spend 2 Gambit to negate the damage of any attack. moves parent faction , ,
  Architectural Usurpation The interface between the shrine and the place it materialises in manifests as a typical door in a structure that has other doors and … , ,
  Army of One You invert the Magnitude modifier in combat for Size. In other words, you get more plusses for being outnumbered and less if you outnumber them. … , , ,
  Avowed Requires: Vow If your Vow involves a person or creature, add +1 Storm when they are harmed or add +1 level of harm when attacking this subject. moves … , ,
  Battle Insight When you roll Recover, On a 10+ you may choose to ask the Grandfather any one question on the Discern Reality list. You or an ally have Advantag… , ,
  Battle of Wits You always know in which goblet resides the poison. When an enemy is watching you and there's a difficult choice to make, the Grandfather will t… , ,
  Beautiful Flaws When you act on one of your Hooks in a self-destructive way, gain 2 Storm. moves killer basic , ,
  Better Lucky than Good When you are out of options and on your last chance, roll with no approach modifier without pushing or invoking the spirits. * On a 1… , ,
  Bigger on the Inside There are enough rooms for it to be mistaken for a mansion (or larger) moves coterie shrine timeship , , ,
  Blend Right In You have spent years trying to fit in. When you insinuate yourself into a social group, roll * On a 10+, the group accepts you and you gain o… , ,
  Block and Strike When you wield your Sombras Que Corta in Reactive Stance, you can use your Counterattacks to Defend moves leader basic , ,
  Blood rites The controls only work for members of the Faction or time sensitives (such as witchbloods) using the correct rituals . This includes using the bio… , ,
  Blood Trail Once you have shed someone’s blood, or they have shed yours, you can track them anywhere. No matter where they go you can always find them. moves … , ,
  Brash When you take rash action that puts another Coterie Member in danger, they have Advantage to try and deal with that danger. moves killer basic , ,
  Change Tactics When you draw on your knowledge and training to assess a situation, roll: * On a 10+, you formulate a plan and select a new tactic. * On a… , ,
  Clever Clever Weapons are beneath you. If you wish to control a situation without resorting to their use, roll. * On a 10+, hold 3. * On a 7–9, hold 1. … , ,
  Combat Sight When you’re using Cautious Tactics and you Act under Pressure, on a 10+ you gain a Gambit. When you're using Reactive Tactics and you Counterattac… , ,
  Command Ally Replaces: Misdirection (Parent move) You can spend 2 Gambits to let an ally make a free attack (as if they rolled a 10+) against an enemy. You ma… , ,
  Commune with the Spirits Expose yourself to the Vortex and stare into the Untempered Schism or meditate in The Caldera When you stare unblinking into the Vort… ,
  Convince a Person When you intimidate or attempt to convince someone through manipulation * For NPCs: * on a 10+, they choose one of the following *… ,
  Death Blossom When you roll Melee, if you choose to Discharge your weapon, you may deal your weapon’s Harm to all visible targets instead of double Harm to one… , ,
  Decades of Experience Being decades old, you have a wealth of experience. When a character comes to you for advice and you tell them what you think is best, th… , ,
  Defend When you stand in defense of a person, item, or location under attack, roll * On a 10+, hold 3 * On a 7–9, hold 1 So long as you stand in defense,… ,
  Defender of the House When you fight against an enemy larger than you, take +1 to Act under Pressure. In addition, when you miss on any move associated with fi… , ,
  Deft Negotiator When you take the lead in tense negotiations, take +1 forward. On a hit, take +1 ongoing until the negotiation has been completed. moves diplo… , ,
  Desperation Requires: Motivation (Parent move) When you use Motivation, you rally your allies so well that instead of just ignoring a single debility's effec… , ,
  Discern Reality When reading a situation to find out what's going on: On a hit, you can ask the Grandfather questions. Whenever you act on one of the Grandfat… ,
  Disciplined When you focus your mind and disregard the petty hurts and wounds of your body, roll. * On a 10+, hold 3. * On a 7-9, hold 2. Spend hold on… , ,
  Dissociate Whenever those around attract Malevolence you don't think you are a part of: * On a 10+, you are just a bystander to the great works and receiv… , , ,
  Driven [_] Discharged When you move forward unflinching towards a goal through an immediate danger or hazard that others cower from, Discharge this Move and r… , , ,
  Enhanced Agility You can jump as high as 20-feet. When fallng from high distances, roll * on a 10+, you safely land with no harm * On a 7-9, you land with… , ,
  Entropic Shift Requires: Umbraception For a stress cost based on size (to be determined by the Grandfather) you may shift an object into shadow, negating its … , ,
  Evasion When you Act under Pressure using against a messy or area effect, take +1. * On a 10+, grant your allies the same bonus. moves chosen basic , ,
  Experienced Get one Basic Move from another playbook (excluding Signature Moves). When you select this move, tell everyone the story of how you came to learn i… , ,
  Faction Knowledge When you Spout Lore about Faction topics such as historical paradoxes, Great House figures, temporal weapons or armour, take +1. moves facti… ,
  Fury Unleashed When you engage in vicious hand to hand combat and roll a 10+ for Melee, choose 1 extra option. moves killer basic , ,
  Gambit When you or someone in your coterie takes damage from an outside source, it was part of your plan the whole time, gain +1 Hold. What some might see as a… , , ,
  Gift of Gab You are well-traveled and skilled at conversation with many different sorts of intelligent beings. When you spend time in conversation with someone… , ,
  Hack Biodata Reduce your Malevolence moves downtime ,
  Hacking & Cracking [_] Discharged When you attempt to hack, break into, open, or otherwise compromise a lock or security system, Discharge this Move and roll.… , ,
  Hardened Survivalist [_] Discharge When in places unfamiliar to you and you Act under Pressure or Discern Reality, discharge this move and roll with Advantage… , ,
  Heal Remove Harm moves downtime ,
  Helping or Hindering When you assist, or get in the way, of someone else’s move, briefly describe how you have the means to get involved. The other person take… , ,
  Holy Protection While on a quest, you get +1 armour. moves chosen advanced , ,
  I Wouldn’t Do That When you successfully hinder with someone, subtract 3 from their roll instead of 2 and mark experience. moves citizen basic , ,
  Induction Having reached this level of experience, you are inducted into House Paradox to become a Little Sibling if you are one of The Lesser Species. Howeve… , ,
  Intelligent Defense When you’re using Defensive Tactics, you can always spend 1 Gambit to halve an attack's effect or damage directed at you or something you D… , ,
  Isomorphic Controls The controls only work for the owner of the Timeship you must Reverse the Polarity versus Tier 5 whenever you want it to do something, incl… , ,
  Jammer [_] Discharged When you remotely hack or jam someone’s equipment or cybernetics, Discharge this Move and roll. * On a 10+, it shorts out or locks up… , ,
  Jump First, Think Second If you go straight into danger without hedging your bets, you get +1 armour. If you happen to be leading a squad or convoy, it gets +1… , ,
  Jury-Rig When you haphazardly use whatever parts you have on hand to hastily construct or repair a device or Vehicle, say what you mean to do and roll * On … , ,
  Lethal Gambit You can spend 3 Gambits to double the Harm of anyone's attack. moves parent faction , ,
  Lethal Strike [_] Discharged When you have your target in your sights and they can’t do anything to stop you, Discharge this Move, and describe how you end th… , ,
  Martyr When you take damage and embrace the pain, you may take +1 Harm (ignores armour). If you do, take +1 forward to aid or protect an ally. moves fighter b… , ,
  Medium When you allow a spirit to inhabit your body, roll. * On a 10+, it may use your body to converse with the living until you banish it or move to a new… , ,
  Melee When you open yourself to danger and exchange violence with an enemy: * On a 10+, exchange Harm and choose 3 * On a 7-9, exchange Harm and choose 1… ,
  Metaphrase You are familar with the Faction techniques to perceive the semantic import behind any sentient culture. You understand every language spoken and w… ,
  Metatime Metatime is the concept, often portrayed on television or other media, that the protagonists have their own functional timeline irrespective of any ti… ,
  Methodical When you layout your plan for a mission with others, roll * On a 10+, hold 3. * On a 7-9, hold 2. Spend your hold during the mission to do o… , ,
  Misdirection When you have an enemy's attention, you can spend 2 Gambits to let an ally make a free attack (as if they rolled a 10+) against the enemy. moves … , ,
  Motivation When you rally your allies in the midst of a mission, spend 1 Gambit. Your allies can ignore the effects of a single debility (their choice) until t… , ,
  Moves Moves are rule guided outcomes to what players may do in the fiction. If the actions a player describes don't fit with a Move, the Grandfather, with the… , , , ,
  Negative Event Choose one: * An approaching threat * A hard choice * An ally put in peril * A resource put in peril * Drastic confrontation or e… ,
  Negative Personal Change Choose one: * Reduce an attribute by 1 * Resources are depleted, reduce a gear slot by 1. It may be bought back with 5XP * A… ,
  Nightmare Weapon You have access to a Nigthmare Weapon. Either choose one from the list or make up one with the Grandfather. moves killer advanced , ,
  No Good to me Dead When you inflict harm, you can choose to inflict any amount of harm you like, less than or up the harm of your attack, including stun-harm. … , ,
  No Shadow Over time, Time Travel rituals (amongst others causes) can erode a Faction Member's shadow until it vanishes completely. This is a distinguishing mar… ,
  Oncoming Storm Your emotions/programing/indoctrination are a swirling unstable mess that can cause you to erupt in fits of passion and destruction. When you su… , , ,
  Paranoid Attention When you walk into a charged situation with criminals and shady people, you have Advantage to Discern Reality. Additionally, you may ask que… , ,
  People Person When you have a charged interaction with a person, roll. * On a 10+, you get a good read on them, hold 3. * On a 7-9, just hold 1. During… , ,
  Perfect Scion When you undertake a quest, you may choose up to three boons instead of two. moves chosen advanced , ,
  Phase 2 When you kill an enemy, you may immediately Change Tactics for free. moves leader basic , ,
  Playing the Long Game At the end of a battle (or when it makes sense) and your Gambit count would reset to 0, you can keep 1 Gambit instead. moves parent fact… , ,
  Plea to the Spirits When you make a plea to the Spirits for protection or aid, choose an effect. * Grant someone +1 armour forward * Transfer a level 1 Ha… , ,
  Positive Event Choose one: * New ally * New resource moves completion ,
  Positive Personal Change Choose one: * Add 1 to an attribute * Take another playbook move * Get another gear slot moves completion ,
  Protection of the Spirits The Spirits guide the shrine when correctly invoked, and also care for their worshippers. Any defensive actions within the shrine by… , ,
  Questing Nature When you dedicate yourself to completing a mission on behalf of the Spirits, state what you set out to do: * Defend _ _ _ _ _ _ _ from the d… , ,
  Quick Assessment This question is added to your Discern Realities list of choices: * “What mistake has my enemy made that I can exploit?” When you Change T… , ,
  Read a Person When you look beneath the surface while interacting with a sentient being, Roll + Heat: On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7–9, hold 1. On a miss, ask 1 now… ,
  Reader of Lesser Species When discerning realities you may also choose to ask the Grandfather “How do I get them to do what I command?” moves homeworlder basi… , ,
  Reckless Aggression When you're using Reckless Tactics, your attacks gain +2 Piercing. moves leader basic , ,
  Recover When you’re out of direct danger during a hostile situation and take a moment to gather yourself: * On a 10+, you’re calm, efficient and ready, choo… ,
  Regeneration When you suffer fatal Harm from weapons or events not specifically designed to kill Homeworlders: * If you are in your base, roll with advantag… , ,
  Relieve Stress Reduce Stress moves downtime stress , ,
  Reputation You may use your Malevolence die modifier as a positive whenever using intimidation to Convince a Person moves diplomat advanced , ,
  Resist When you suffer a consequence you wish to reduce or avoid the effects of: You make the roll using one of your resistance attributes (Insight, Prowess,… , ,
  Reverse the Polarity Whenever using a technology unknown to you: * On a 10+, it works without problems * On a 7–9, it works once, but it breaks. Only an… , , ,
  Risky Gambit When you tell an ally to do something obviously dangerous and they are put in a spot, gain +1 Gambit. moves parent faction , ,
  Ritualist You may invoke the Spirits and seek their help. Chant at least a four line ritual of invocation and roll * On a 10+, they are nearby, attentive a… , ,
  RUN! When you escape from a combat, roll and run for your life. In any event, mark experience. * On a 10+, choose 3. * On a 7–9, choose 2. * You esca… , ,
  Savvy You may choose to be a Parent or Godparent. If you do so you will automatically have a rivalry with anyone playing The Leader playbook. You also start … , ,
  Scrying When you perform the ritual of prophecy, say whose future you wish to scry and offer up something linked to them, roll. * On a 10+, the player of th… , ,
  Self Defense Training When you know the enemy you’re about to fight, you can spend an hour or two training your allies on how best to Act under pressure. The G… , ,
  Shadow Dance Requires: Umbraception For 1 stress per minute you may have your shadow detach and follow simple instructions (it's not completely under your con… , ,
  Shapeshifting The outside of the ship may look like anything, only limited by the physical need to be able to enter and exit. moves coterie timeship , ,
  Shoot First You are never caught by surprise. When an enemy would get a drop on you, you get to act first instead. moves killer advanced , ,
  Silver Tongued When you attempt to perform a deception, subterfuge, misdirection, bluff, or con on a person, roll. * On a 10+, your deception is masterful, … , ,
  Skilled Interrogator When you question a suspect, roll * On a 10+, ask 2. * On a 7-9, ask 1. They must answer your questions honestly: * Where were … , ,
  Smite While on a quest, you deal +1 level of Harm. moves chosen advanced , ,
  Sombras Que Corta The Shadows That Cut are the signature weapon of the Faction. When a Cousin is inducted they undergo the binding ritual which bonds a weapon … , , , ,
  Spout Lore When you consult your accumulated knowledge about something, roll: * On a 10+ the Grandfather will tell you something interesting and useful abou… ,
  Spout Technobabble When you need to describe some advanced piece of technology, process, or phenomenon, choose between 3 and 5 words or phrases and say it like… ,
  Stand your Ground When someone or something attempts to move you, such as an attack with the forceful tag, you may resist with Act under Pressure. If you score… , ,
  State of Grace Tier 3 weapons and below do not function onboard moves coterie timeship , ,
  Staunch Defender When you defend, you get +1 hold, even on a miss. moves chosen advanced , ,
  Steely Glare When you silently fix someone with a steely glare with the intent of intimidating them, roll. * On a 10+, they choose 2. * On a 7-9, they ch… , ,
  Stone-Faced Whenever someone uses Read a Person on you, you may answer one of their questions any way you like. moves diplomat basic , ,
  Sucker Punch When you get into an advantageous position and attack a target that can’t retaliate: * On a 10+, choose 2 * On a 7-9, take what you can get.… ,
  Tactics Your knowledge and training allows you to assess a battle and know the correct tactical approach. Only one Tactic can be active at a time. * Aggress… , ,
  Technical Savant You have an inherent knowledge of machines and tech. When you spend some time studying a piece of equipment, roll * On a 10+, ask 2. * O… , ,
  That's Lord to you You have a reputation throughout the Spiral Politic that causes fear and hatred. If you are ever recognised as a Homeworlder you will have … , ,
  The Basics of using Moves When not to use Moves When to use Moves rules basic moves , ,
  The Best There Is When you Read a Person just after talking yourself up, you may treat a miss as a 7-9, and a 7-9 as a 10+. moves diplomat basic , ,
  The Catechism When the Spirits commune with you and the Grandfather asks you a question from the list below, you may either answer it truthfully, or decline to… , ,
  The Ground is Solid [_] Discharge Requires: Stand your Ground If you roll a 10+ using Stand your Ground, discharge this move and you also prevent nearby alli… , ,
  The Hunter Name someone you want to find, either an individual or a gang that sticks together. When you Discern Reality while looking for them, on a hit, the G… , ,
  The Skasis Paradigm When you rant about exactly how bad the situation is right now and how monumentally screwed you and your allies are, and that no one else i… , ,
  The Wild Hunt By this action, I remove myself from my blood; I deny my own past; I do whatever I must; so help me. By this intention, I remove myself from my… , , , ,
  There is no Passion, There is Serenity When someone uses Read a Person on you, you choose the questions they ask you. moves diplomat basic , ,
  Time Sense When you first encounter a Alter effect, take +1 when you try to discern its properties. On a hit, you also grant your allies the +1 bonus when acti… , ,
  Touched by the Spirits you may choose either of the following * bound to a relic as your Sombras Que Corta to be worked out with the Grandfather (costs 3 Co… , ,
  Tough as nails * when you Recover you can shrug off level 2 Harm. * when you Heal you fill in an extra segment on your healing clock. * when you Act un… , ,
  Train Attributes aren't improved with experience, but with training. If you have the facilities available in your Coterie, you may use them to improve your at… , ,
  Tutored Education When making a Spout Technobabble move, on a 6 or less treat the roll as a 7-9 instead moves homeworlder basic , ,
  Two Hearts You may Spout Technobabble once per session to ignore one instance of Harm (of any level) taken. moves homeworlder signature , ,
  Umbraception Requires : Witchblood, Homeworlder or it can be taken as an Advanced Move For 1 stress you may use proprioception on your shadow. You sense and m… , ,
  Unstoppable [_] Discharged When you Suffer Harm, discharge this move and reduce it by one level moves killer basic , ,
  Use Strength to Destroy When you use pure strength to destroy an inanimate obstacle, roll * On a 10+, choose three. * On a 7-9, choose two: * It doesn… , ,
  Visit the City The Citizen may only use this move if they are able to reach the Uptime Gate from their current location. This must be worked out with the Gran… ,
  Vow When you make a solemn vow to an authority figure, state what you will do. While you take actions that directly pursue this goal, take +1 ongoing. The Gran… , ,
  What Does This Do? When you treat something dangerous as a mundane curiosity out of ignorance, mark Experience. moves recruit basic , ,
  Work on a Project Make progress on personal tasks moves downtime ,
  Your Whole Life Behind You You have more than a lifetime of memories, as you've been living in the City for many subjective years since your actual death. You… , ,