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Order of Precedence

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A list of who to precede whom into a room, seating arrangements and importance.

French Precedence

  1. Roi/Reine
  2. Duc/Duchesse
  3. Dauphin/Dauphine
  4. Prince/Princesse
  5. Marquis/Marquise
  6. Comte/Comtesse
  7. Vicomte/Vicomtesse
  8. Baron/Baronne
  9. Seigneur(Chevalier)/Dame
  10. Chatelain/Chatelaine

English Precedence

  1. Sovereign
  2. Archbishop of Canterbury
  3. Lord Chancellor
  4. Archbishop of York
  5. Lord high treasurer
  6. Lord of privy seal
  7. Lord great chamberlain
  8. Ambassadors
  9. Earl marshal
  10. Lord high admiral
  11. Lord steward of the Household
  12. Lord chamberlain
  13. Royal dukes
  14. Dukes by creation/ Wife of dukes
  15. Marquis/ Wives of marquis
  16. Eldest sons of dukes / Wives of Eldest sons of dukes
  17. Daughters of dukes (unless married to an (earl or) baron
  18. Earls/ Wives of earls
  19. Eldest sons of marquis/ Wives of Eldest sons of marquis
  20. Younger sons of Dukes
  21. Daughter of Marquis (unless married to an baron
  22. Wives of younger sons of Dukes
  23. Viscounts/ Wife of Viscount
  24. Eldest son of an Earl/ Wife of Eldest son of an Earl
  25. Younger sons of marquis/ Wife of younger sons of marquis
  26. Daughter of Earl (unless married to an baron
  27. Bishop of London
  28. Bishop of Durham
  29. Bishop of Winchester
  30. Other bishops by consecration
  31. Retired bishops
  32. Secretary of state if a Baron
  33. Barons/Wife of a baron
  34. Treasurer of the (royal) household
  35. Comptroller of the (royal) household
  36. Vice chamberlain of the (royal) household
  37. Secretary of state
  38. Eldest sons of Viscounts/Wife of Eldest sons of Viscounts
  39. Younger sons of Earls
  40. Younger sons & Daughters of viscounts
  41. Eldest sons of Barons
  42. Bannerets or baronettes
  43. Younger sons of Barons (Daughters too if after 1595)
  44. Wives of bannerets
  45. Knights of the garter
  46. Knights of Bath
  47. nights banneret
  48. Knights bachelor/ Wife of knights bachelor
  49. Daughters of barons who marry below knights (until 1595)
  50. Officers in her majesties armed forces (unknighted or titled)
  51. Gentleman / Gentlewomen of her majesties service
  52. Gentleman/ wives (department heads in service)
  53. Gentleman/ wives
  54. Yeoman
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