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The planet Mem is in the Holt system, and consequently the Memish are not an unfamiliar sight in the Procyon sector. Although they’re generally humanoid, the Memish have pitch-black eyes, and skin that comes in various shades of blue, purple, and green. Instead of hair they have tentacles. The Memish are able to survive at extreme depths, and navigate waters with virtually no light available. They’re known for organizing in complex, extended family groups, and practicing their religion away from the light of the Holt star. It involves ritual carving of their scaled hides and imbuing the carvings with carefully tended bioluminescent deep-sea plant life. Here are some things you might expect a Memish to be able to do:

0 STRESS: Breathe water. Hear really low sound waves. Swim incredibly quickly.

1 STRESS: Sense the flow of electricity nearby (a sense developed to hunt prey in the deeps). This ability might cost 0 stress if you and your target are both underwater. Use your deep-water muscles to lift a thug one-handed. Extend rending claws capable of filleting sharkskin.

2 STRESS: Navigate flawlessly in pitch blackness. Survive in space unharmed for a short while. ATTunE to the Way to sense gravitic disturbances (common on Mem) and the relative mystic ability of anyone nearby.

Optional RulE: When you are acting in significantly warm climates, take level 2 or level 3 harm (based on how hot or dry it is) called “Memish Weakness” and add a gambit to your crew’s gambit pool. This harm can be removed by being immersed in water for 24 hours. A recovery downtime activity with water available will remove this in addition to any segments filled.

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