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Bobo the Brown

Bobo “Fetta” Brannigan, also known as Bobo the Brown, was an admiral in the guerilla army of his home system, Fiftyonebee, and was a key leader in the ultimately unsuccessful rebellion against the evil Empire (Records (TM) - “We have music for every occasion”, “We still have vinyl!”), followers of the Beige Side of the Force. Killed with his fleet of ragtag rebels in an explosively climactic battle, the Empire uploaded what remained integral of Bobo's personality matrix into his present-day body, a rather nice MitSony chrome humaniform, model XLVMCCi9200b, fully modular, with a number of useful appendages, accessories and utilities. Converted into a drone for the Empire, Bobo rose through the ranks, intending to bring down the multi-galactic company from within, with a devious and overly complicated plan involving cheesy remixes of classic hits, but is now a minor shareholder, and occasional member of the Board. Since being infected with the decadent ways of the Empire, Bobo has become addicted to backpacking and travelled much of known space, with sporadic forays into the unknown.

Most of Bobo's time is now involved in breeding throroughbred starships, from Spacecows to Warhawks. His ranch in the Mozzarella Sector also supports a thriving eco-tourism industry. As a hobby, Bobo occasionally genegineers innovative and critically acclaimed grotesqueries for fun and profit.



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