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Horus’s Elbow

Bobo turns to the ambassador, “The pleasures and satisfactions of Horus's elbow - or 'the missing part of Horus' as Simon more delicately refers to it - are myriad.”

Glancing at Zara, he continues, “I didn't mean to imply that its erotic abilities outweighed those of the Tongue of Osiris, although it definitely has talent when applied just so to Yogi's Seven Spots of Satiety (TM), merely that its legend was equally great, and that it can also be quite hard to find (literally, double-entendre-y, and metaphorically). For example, the pleasure and satisfaction in applying The Elbow to an overbearing bureaucrat or pushy tourist or in the moshpit is unmatched, and usually at least, rather more practical than using The Tongue.”

“In a more direct comparison to the traditional use of The Tongue, although size is hardly everything, The Elbow is quite definitely larger, and of course, of a rather firmer composition.”

“Metaphorically of course, 'finding Horus's elbow' is analogous to the pleasure attained in 'reaching the Valysian plateau', 'turning Engelwert's wheelbarrow', 'flensing Molly's small furry household pets', or 'noncy-poncy-woncy-woo'.”

“But, my apologies, Zara, you were telling us of Sam and his Chest?”


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