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Mega City 1

Maps and descriptions are taken from the Drokk City free RPG. All credit for collating the information and designing the maps goes to John Caliber

Sector List


  • (d.) year destroyed
  • (post-a) post-atomic
  • (pre-a) pre-atomic
  • (r.) rebuilt


(Sectors 1-20)

Sector 1 - Castenada Square, Deb Pfeiffer Blk (pre-a), The Frankie Blk (post-a), Fred C. Dobbs Blk (pre-a).
Sector 2 (1) - Applied Genetics Facility (d. 2126), Bill Bixby Blk (pre-a), Sinkler Heights.
Sector 3 - Johnny Johnson Blk (pre-a), Linda Nolan Blk (post-a), Phil Roth Blk (pre-a), Suze Bote Blk (pre-a).
Sector 4 (1) - Boingbowl (d. 2126), Inter-Space Corporation HQ & Private Landing Pads, Janet Jackson Blk (pre-a), Ohio State Precinct.
Sector 5 - Central Hoverport.
Sector 6 - Dean Gaffney Blk (pre-a), Feinstein Blk (re-a).
Sector 7 - Ape Town, David Hedison Blk (post-a), Dr. Spock Megaplex, Slabyrinth.
Sector 9 - Bleeke Mansion, Gordon Banks Blk (pre-a), Pudge Rodriguez Blk (post-a).
Sector 10 - Earl Slick Blk (pre-a), W. E. Johns Blk (pre-a), St. Peter Root Hospital.
Sector 11 - Inskip Warehouse.
Sector 12 - Bennet Beeny Blk (post-a), Lon Chaney Blk (pre-a), Peter Weller Blk (pre-a).
Sector 13 - Al Grant Vue-Rise (pre-a), Mika Pederson Blk (post-a).
Sector 15 - Bypass Building, Dyson Rest Home, Flip Rogan Blk (post-a), Horton Towers (post-a).
Sector 17 - Eli Wallach Blk (pre-a), Robert Stackers (post-a).
Sector 16 - Bleakview Hotel, Funtazia Fun Park, Skyview Hotel.
Sector 19 - Diego Garcia Blk (d. 2106), Pedro Martinez Blk (post-a), Tactical Command Bunker Central, Tom Mahon Blk (post-a).
Sector 20 - Ferraro Housing Complex (pre-a), Frisbee Stackers (post).


(Sectors 21-108)

Sector 21 - Alvin Toffler Blk (pre-a), Andy Dante Blk (pre-a), Mega-City Chamber Of Horrors, Moose Skowran Blk (pre-a).
Sector 22 - Alien Town (feat. Extraterrestrial Trading & Social Club), Meg-Oil Central Depot, Mildred Muncy Blk (post-a), Roy Rogers Blk (pre-a).
Sector 23 - Boyson Conapts (post-a), Don Lawrence Blk (post-a), Shirley Temple Blk & Fun Park (post-a).
Sector 24 - Frank Nitti Blk (pre-a), Joe Bananas Blk (pre-a), Marg Rutherford Blk (post-a), Slater Housing Project (post-a).
Sector 25 - Charlie Sim Blk (pre-a), Hymie Goering Blk (pre-a), Ian Beale Blk (pre-a), Norman P O'Connor Blk (post-a).
Sector 26 - Boris Karloff Conapts (post-a), Cybo-Comp HQ, Hillcrest Rise Luxy-Estate (post-a), Larry Hagman Conapts (post-a, d. 2105), The Megalopolis.
Sector 27 - Roger Hollis Blk (post-a), Simp Tank, Steve Coogan Blk (pre-a).
Sector 28 - Curbishley Court (pre-a), Hi Lo High-rise (post-a), Rand Blk (post-a), YMJC Stacker.
Sector 29 - Clapton Tower Ecom-units, Cuckoos' Nest District (pre-a), MacMurphy Blk (pre-a), Mark Clark Blk (pre-a), Roy Orbison Blk (pre-a), T. Dan Smith Blk (pre-a).
Sector 30 - Crockery Nook Blk For The Extremely Aged (prea), George Orwell Blk (post-a), Pearl Buck Blk (pre-a).
Sector 31 - Bishop Mounsey Blk (pre-a), Chester Dogg Blk (pre-a), Hoverport-2, Malcolm X Conapts (pre-a), Melvin Bragg Blk (post-a).
Sector 32 - Android Park, Chrysler Heights, Coney Arches, Conrad Conn Hotel, Edmundo Rey Blk (post-a), Fidel Square, Harry Burniston Blk (pre-a), Jake Lamotta Blk (pre-a), Mike Dolling Blk (post-a), Tex Toomie Blk (post-a), Victor Mature Blk (post-a).
Sector 33 - Antonia Fraser Blk (pre-a), A S Byatt Blk (pre-a), Fay Weldon Blk (pre-a), Martin Amis Blk (pre-a), Salmon Rushdie Blk (pre-a).
Sector 34 - Cecil B. DeMille Blk (pre-a), Karen Berger Blk (post-a), Pavarotti Blk (post-a).
Sector 35 - Bruce Kent Blk (pre-a), Helmsley Lux-Habs (post-a), Inigo Bing Blk (pre-a), Steve Davis Blk (pre-a).
Sector 36 - Apache Rise, Gang Alley, Oprah Winfrey Blk (pre-a), Robert Morley Blk (post-a).
Sector 37 - Dwight D Eisentower (pre-a), Gordon Liddy Blk (post-a), Yvonne DeCarlo Blk (ruins).
Sector 38 - Al Bundy Blk (post-a), Mega-Media, Inc. Building, Melvin Hayes Conapts (pre-a), Tom Sharp Blk (post-a).
Sector 39 - Den Watts Blk (pre-a), Emily Post Blk (post-a), Fountain Of Yooth, Jerry Thomas College of Barkeeping, Phoenix Scrap, Sylvia Krystel Conapts (pre-a), Tony Bennett Blk (pre-a), Zander Bleak Building.
Sector 40 - Andy Stewart Blk (pre-a), Cubbi Broccoli Blk (post-a), Des O'Connor Blk (post-a), Iso-Block 666, Noxem Plant, O'Dilligan's Nightclub, Oxypool.
Sector 41 - Arthur Koestler Blk (post-a), Channel 9 Building, Elmer Gantry Blk (post-a), Hayte Street, House Of Frendz, Wiffin Gas Headquarters.
Sector 42 - Claude Bigot Blk (post-a), Gil Gerrard Memorial Spaceport, Kurt Russell Blk (pre-a), Phil Seymour Hoffman Blk (pre-a), Planet Gary, Tommy McArdle Blk (pre-a).
Sector 43 - Billy Graham Blk (post-a), Castro Skyrise (pre-a), Hardy Kruger Blk (pre-a), Marlon Brando Blk (pre-a), Patsy Ann Noble Blk (pre-a), Sonny Bono Problem Blk (d. 2103).
Sector 44 - Academy Of Law, Aftermath Square, Boingarama, Bolger Dult Rehab, Broadway Plaza, Buck Chegwin Blk (post-a), Casey Jones Blk (pre-a), Charles Atlas Bridge, Ed Ball Blk (post-a), Ernest Borgnine Blk (pre-a), Foster Grant Blk (post-a), Grand Hall of Justice, Grover Cleveland Blk (pre-a), Hudson Inlet, Jay Silverheels Condo (pre-a), Kennedy Spaceport, Ken Kercheval Blk (pre-a), Marty Feldman Blk (pre-a), Mega-Times Building, Nixon Plaza, Norman Pitlik Blk (post-a), Old New York Street, Quite Nice Bar, Rita Tushingham Blk (pre-a), Rowdy Yates Conapts (pre-a), Ryker's Shuggy Hall, Shapiro's Kosher Hottie House, Statue of Judgement, Statue of Liberty, Sylvia Plath Blk (post-a), Times2, The Vibe-bowl, Wall Street.
Sector 45 - Billy Reich Blk (pre-a), Breaker Canyon Estate (pre-a), Gil Favour Blk (post-a), Martin Scorcese Blk (pre-a), Xenda Heights (pre-a).
Sector 46 - Marx Estate (feat. Chico Marx Blk, post-a; Groucho Marx Blk, post-a; Harpo Marx Blk, post-a; Karl Marx Blk, post-a), Yeltsin Building.
Sector 47 - Aggro Dome (pototype, ruins), Brynner Hospice, Giles Brandreth Blk (pre-a), Norman Mailer Blk (post-a).
Sector 48 - Billy Carter Blk (post-a), Joe Madden Blk (post-a), Ramon Navarro Blk (post-a), Ridley Estate (pre-a), Sergei Eisenstein Blk (post-a).
Sector 49 - Darrow Luxy-Complex (post-a), St John McShane Hospital, Sump Memorial Auditorium, Trisecta District (pre-a).
Sector 50 - Atlantic University, Newsmeg Building, Romano Tower Luxy-Blk (post-a), Schwartz Conapts (post-a). Sector 51 - Dead Juve's Curve, Hamilton Heights (posta), The Jungle (ape colony), Matt Wagner Blk (post-a), Robert Kilroy-Silk Blk (pre-a).
Sector 52 - Avenue Of Brotherly Love, Hell's Junction, Jack Ruby Blk (post-a), Tristan Kennedy Blk (post-a).
Sector 53 - Edmundo Ross Blk (post-a), Plumb Tower, Stonehouse Building, Tomb Of The Unknown Citizen.
Sector 54 - Christine Keeler Blk (post-a), Flakey Foont Blk (pre-a), Nesta Webster Blk (pre-a), Veal Crate Bar.
Sector 55 - Bough Estate (feat. Russell Grant Blk, pre-a; Deb Rix Blk, pre-a; Frankie Wilson Blk, pre-a), OK Corral Bar, Piedmont Apartments (post-a).
Sector 56 - Alien Zoo, Dunc Renaldo Blk (pre-a), Mega- City Zoo, Ronald Reagan Eld-Shelt (pre-a).
Sector 57 - The Annie Hall, Paradise Heights (post-a).
Sector 58 - Ferd Marcos Blk (pre-a), Fidel Ramos Bock (pre-a), Imelda Marcos Blk (pre-a), Ninoy Aquinos Blk (pre-a).
Sector 59 - Billy Minto Blk (post-a), Dane-Tech, Warhol Wonderama.
Sector 60 - Beaverton Dust-Zone, The Chow Dome.
Sector 61 - Central Combat Depot (Justice Dept), Damon Runyan Blk (post-a), Ida Lupino Blk (pre-a), Moonray Tower.
Sector 62 - Bernie Beesley Blk (pre-a), Schmaltz Estate (feat. Frank Hovis Blk, pre-a; Erich Segal Blk, pre-a).
Sector 63 - Gordon Bennet Blk (post-a), Morgan Fairchild Blk (d. 2106).
Sector 64 - Julian Cope Blk (pre-a), Skyhill Conapts (post-a), Steppleman Blk (pre-a).
Sector 65 - Deena Walker Blk (post-a), Lenny Brezhnev Blk (post-a), Mega-Tech.
Sector 66 - Alan Donaldson Blk (post-a), Big-1 Publishing, Kevin Keegan Blk (pre-a).
Sector 67 - Eddy Poe Heart Clinic, Eldon Lee Blk (post-a), Lenny Bernstein Blk (pre-a), Russ Tamblin Blk (pre-a).
Sector 68 - Marcus Welby General Hospital, P J Proby Blk (pre-a).
Sector 69 - Chris Lee Blk (pre-a), Doringo Lux-Apts (post-a).
Sector 70 - Rancho Hi-Rise (post-a), Wounded Heart Private Cemetery.
Sector 71 - Forever Homes For The Semi-dead, Hi-Funk Conapts (post-a).
Sector 72 - Bill Burroughs Boulevard, Channel 99 Building, Rene Enriquez Blk (post-a).
Sector 73 - Benny Hill Blk (d. 2103), Jimmy Clitheroe Blk (d. 2103), Inoira Ghandi Blk (d. 2103), Linda Carter Blk (d. 2103), Sam Snead Blk (d. 2103), John Wayne Blk (d. 2103).
Sector 75 - Buzby Berkley Blk (post-a), Shady Dunc's All-U-Can-Drinkerie, St Magnus Pike Hospital.
Sector 76 - Huck Widney Blk (pre-a), John Major Blk (pre-a), Zsa Zsa Gabor Blk (pre-a).
Sector 77 - Devil's Island, Herbie Hancock Blk (pre-a), Weber Heights (pre-a).
Sector 78 - Chuck Dickens Blk (post-a), Dramarena, Joshua Jebbs Blk (post-a).
Sector 80 - Cannibal Club, Emphatically Yess Building, Maybehouse.
Sector 81 - Old Town General Hospital, Scott Joplin Conapts (post-a).
Sector 82 - Mavis Riley Home for the Debilitatingly Bewildered (pre-a), Harry Hyams Blk (post-a; d. 2104, r. 2105), Remy Martin Blk (pre-a), Resyk East.
Sector 83 - Mega-Penitentiary, Mega-School 3.
Sector 84 - Ben Franklin Blk (post-a), Dan Quayle Blk (post-a), Mega-Central Station (subway zoom).
Sector 85 - Westwood Tower Luxy-Blk (post-a).
Sector 86 - Mardi Indo-Plex, Petula Clark Reconstructs (d. 2104, r. 2106).
Sector 87 - Bart Simpson Blk (pre-a), Christian Barnard Blk (pre-a), G W Bush Blk (post-a), Hen Broon Towers (pre-a), The Little Bowl, Midnite Towers (luxy).
Sector 88 - B D Rickenbacker Blk (post-a), Chinatown East (Sinotown).
Sector 89 - The F Loyd Mazny Scheme (The Maze; occupies entire sector; prohib zone: no entry).
Sector 90 - Fred Nietzsche Blk (pre-a), Hank Wangford Blk (post-a), Tactical Command Bunker East.
Sector 91 - Biggie Smalls Blk (post-a), Nick Craske Blk (pre-a), Wes Craven Conapts (pre-a), Verona Spock Blk (pre-a).
Sector 93 - Badford Stuy Precinct, Betty Boop Blk (post-a).
Sector 94 - Palston Apartments (post-a), Werner Von Braun Conapts (post-a).
Sector 95 - Barnaby Jones Blk (post-a), Buddy Ebsen Blk (post-a).
Sector 98 - Derek Hatton Blk (pre-a), Mario Puzo Blk (pre-a), William Hague Blk (ruins).
Sector 99 - Bob Burden Blk (post-a), Canaford Plaza, Thom Yorke Blk (post-a), United Munce Building.
Sector 100 - Hottie U, The Island, Transatlantic Tunnel Entrance.
Sector 101 - Atlantic Purification Plant, Bob Duran Blk (pre-a), Eldridge Bridge.
Sector 102 - Jimmy Tarbuck Blk (pre-a), Philadilly Precinct.
Sector 103 - Barryo Housing Complex (feat. Andrew Ridgeley Blk, pre-a; George Michael Blk, pre-a).
Sector 104 - Adolf Hitler Blk (post-a), Apocalypse Monument, Ed De Bono Blk (post-a), Lee Majors Blk (pre-a).
Sector 105 - Costa Del Meg.
Sector 106 - Bill Bailey Blk (d. 2104), Old Peart Institute for the Criminally Insane, Shark Club.
Sector 107 - Blktops Eldsters Resting Home (pre-a), John Stanley Blk (post-a).
Sector 108 - Blackwater Bridge, Hoagland Heights (prea), Hellebore Apartments (post-a), Penguin Crossing, Steve McQueen Blk (pre-a), Tonytown (post-a).



Sector 109 - Arnold Grove Blk (post-a), Vic Hugo Blk (post-a).
Sector 110 - Billy Butlin Blk (post-a), The Crater Bowl, Del Shannon Blk (post-a).
Sector 111 - Beecher Conapts (pre-a), Mary Michelson Blk (pre-a), Mitzi Gaynor Blk (pre-a).
Sector 112 - Dod Custer Blk (pre-a), Frank Zappa Blk (post-a), Jed Clampett Blk (pre-a).
Sector 114 - Heaven's Reach, Sky High Rise (d. 2105).
Sector 115 - Munce-Co Factory Estate.
Sector 116 - Jess Willard Blk (pre-a), Polanski Sprawl (post-a).
Sector 117 - Power Tower 1 (d. 2101, r. 2106).
Sector 118 - Anders Estate (pre-a), Billie Holiday Blk (post-a), Rhonda Fleming Blk (post-a).
Sector 119 - Elvis Presley Blk (pre-a), Donald Neil Blk (pre-a), George Reeves Blk (pre-a), Resyk South.
Sector 122 - Jimmy Stuart Blk (pre-a), Martin Candor Blk (pre-a).
Sector 120 - Blunkett Tower (pre-a), Greenham Civil Park, Kaufman Projects (post-a estate).
Sector 121 - Killkraze Combat Park.
Sector 122 - Nerdco Building.
Sector 123 - Clint Eastwood Blk (pre-a), Jackson Five Lux-Development (feat. Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon, Michael & Tito, all post-a), Jessica Simpson Blk (posta), Nigel Tufnel Blk (pre-a), Terry Wogan Blk (post-a), Timmy Mallett Blk (pre-a), Vinnie Jones Blk (pre-a).
Sector 124 - Hoverdrome.
Sector 126 - Dinosaur World Theme Park.
Sector 127 - General Arms Building, Joe Bloggs Blk (pre-a), Slim Whitman Blk (pre-a).
Sector 132 - Bronte Conurb (feat. Anne, Charlotte & Emily, all pre-a), Fats Domino Blk (post-a).
Sector 133 - Bob Calvi Blk (pre-a), Jimmy Ellroy Blk (prea), Paul Verhoeven Blk (post-a), Ray Kroc Blk (pre-a).
Sector 143 - Dermot Kelly Blk (post-a), Doris Day Blk (post-a), Jackie Onassis Hab-Developments (post-a).
Sector 146 - Atlantic Central Hoverport.
Sector 147 - Folly Heights (post-a), Horace Bachelor Blk (post-a).
Sector 148 - Eisenhower General Hospital, Power Tower II.
Sector 149 - The Cauldron (feat. Arturo Askey Blk, posta; Derek Batey Blk, pre-a; Perry Como Blk, pre-a; Reno Conapts, pre-a), Tactical Command Bunker South.
Sector 151 - Poughkeepsie Apartments (post-a) Stephen Hawking Blk (post-a).
Sector 152 - Lazarus Labs.
Sector 155 - Greta Garbo Blk for Wayward Eldsters (pre-a).
Sector 156 - Cramptown Dust Zone. Radlands Beyond South Wall (2) - Dave Attenborough Blk (d. 2104), Sawney Bean Blk (d. 2104), Bugs Bunny Blk (d. 2104), Jacques Cousteau Blk (d. 2104), The Flea Pit (d. 2104), Giant Haystacks Blk (d. 2104), Iso-Block 44 (d. 2104), Bob Oppenheimer Blk (d. 2103, r./d. 2103), Magnus Pyke Blk (d. 2104), Billy Smart Blk (d. 2104), Miriam Stoppard Blk (d. 2104).



Sector 161 - Dinsdale Mansion, Don Trump Tower.
Sector 162 - Bob Muldoon (post-a), Walt Gropius Blk (post-a).
Sector 164 - Third Eye Insurance Company.
Sector 165 - Elia Kazan Blk (pre-a), Screaming Jay Hawkins Hi-rise (pre-a).
Sector 166 - Frankie Joe Haydn Blk (pre-a), Gus Holst Blk (pre-atom).
Sector 168 - Amon Duul Blk (post-a), Huggy's Honeymoon Hotel, Peter Lee Blk (post-a), Reg Varney Blk (pre-a), Van Damme Blk (post-a).
Sector 170 - Dreery House (post-a), Robert Maplethorpe Lux-Apts (post-a), Sigma District (pre-a).
Sector 171 - Garbo Bodywarp Salon.
Sector 172 - Greystoke Heights (pre-a), Harriet Beecher Stowe Blk (post-a), Placebo Conapts (post-a).
Sector 176 - George Pal Blk (post-a), Mega-U, Serve-UWell Building.
Sector 177 - Frank Cannon Blk (pre-a), Orson Welles Blk (pre-a), Tobias Belcher Blk (pre-a), William Bunter Blk (pre-a).
Sector 186 - Charlie Drake Blk (pre-a), Lawson Dyce Blk (pre-a).
Sector 187 - Lee Harvey Oswald Blk (pre-a), Smiley Jones Blk (post-a).
Sector 188 - Ghengis Grimsnoad Blk (post-a), Juliet Bravo Blk (post-a), Joseph Soper Blk (post-a), Mick McGahey Blk (post-a), U Thant Blk (post-a).
Sector 191 - Ed Poe Blk (post-a), Fred Quimby Blk (prea), White Cliffs Of Dover.
Sector 193 - City Life, Ltd. Building, UniGlom Building.
Sector 199 - Agg-Bio Building.
Sector 200 - Badge of Courage Bar
Sector 202 - Little Cuba (feat. Jason King Blk, pre-a; Rudi Vallee Blk, pre-a).
Sector 205 - The O-Zone
Sector 206 - Ennis-Dillon Conapts (pre-a), J T Megson Blk (pre-a).
Sector 207 - Otto Sump Flabbon Depository.
Sector 208 - Jack Davis Blk (post-a), Mike Read Blk (post-a).
Sector 209 - Little Nu-Delhi (feat. Saeed Jaffrey Blk; pre-a).
Sector 210 - Clive James Blk (post-a), Dario Argento Blk (pre-a), Mega-Circular.
Sector 212 - Benito Mussolini Blk (pre-a).
Sector 214 - Martha Chesterton Memorial Park, Pizza Plaza, Prowlight's Alien Menagerie, Webster Conapts (post-a).
Sector 219 - Arafat Precinct, B F Skinner Blk (post-a), Rick Moranis Blk (post-a).
Sector 221 - Billy Herschel Blk (post-a, d. 2105), St Bob Flowerdew Hospital.
Sector 222 - Inter-Time, Mega-Labs.
Sector 223 - Hippodrome, Mega-City Teleport.
Sector 225 - Cantona Conapts (post-a), Charles Darwin Blk (post-a), Lobsang Rampant Blk (post-a).
Sector 226 - Frances Bath Blk (post-a), Shanks Conapts (post-a).
Sector 228 - Cyril Lord Blk ruins (pre-a), James Kieler Blk (pre-a), John Brunner Blk (pre-a).
Sector 229 - Tactical Command Bunker West.
Sector 230 - Carol Monroe Blk (d. 2105), The Jungle (human slum), Vince St. Clair Blk (d. 2105).
Sector 231 - Bert Russell Blk (pre-a), Bob Marks Blk (pre-a).
Sector 232 - Charles Manson Blk (d. 2113).
Sector 239 - New Garbo Hermitage Blk (pre-a), Resyk West, Santora Park.
Sector 240 - Jack Yeovill Blk (pre-a), Malkie McCormick Blk (d. 2114), Tom Jefferson Blk (pre-a).


(241-300) Sector 242 - Beller Conapts (post-a), Jack Kevorkian Blk (post-a), Lucy Lawless Blk (post-a).
Sector 244 - Alberto Runch Blk (pre-a), Blake Carrington Luxy-Blk (post-a), Ken Dodd Boulevard (pre-a).
Sector 245 - Cliff Richard Luxy-Blk (post-a), Lee Van Cleef University.
Sector 246 - Buenapista Studios, Gripper Stebson Blk (pre-a), Jerry Springer Blk (post-a).
Sector 247 - Bungit Din Indo-Eaterie, Caspar Weinberger Blk (pre-a), Clayton Towers (pre-a), Courtney Love Lux- Apts (post-a), Semper-Markins Square, Tommy Vercetti Social Club, Whoopie Goldberg Blk (pre-a), Wyatt Earp Blk (pre-a).
Sector 248 - Richard Burton Blk (post-a), Northside Mega-Technic, Tony Tyler Blk (post-a), Wilbur Wright Blk (post-a).
Sector 249 - Al Fayed Luxy-Developments (post-a), Grand Megapolitan Opera House.
Sector 250 - Northspoon Dust Zone.
Sector 252 - Al Taylor Blk (post-a), Great Northern Highway Feed, Mega-City Necropolis, Wim Wenders Blk (pre-a).
Sector 253 - Cilla Black Con-Apts (pre-a), Michael Stipe Blk (post-a), Seb Coe Sportsplex.
Sector 254 - George Lucas Blk (post-a), Muscle Mansion (post-a), Peri White Tower (pre-a).
Sector 255 - Museum of the Mega-Olympiad.
Sector 256 - Bob Geldof Blk (pre-a), John McCrea Blk (post-a), Northgate Clinic.
Sector 258 - Bernard Manning Blk (pre-a), Delia Smith Blk (post-a), Ray Chandler Blk (post-a).
Sector 259 - Anthony Burgess Memorial Museum, Norrin Radd Blk (post-a).
Sector 261 - Clive Sinclair Blk (pre-a), Golam Heights (luxy-Blks), Hector Comacho Blk (post-a).
Sector 263 - George Raft Blk for Retired Gangsters (prea), Joan Collins Blk (pre-a), Nat Hiken Blk (pre-a), Sir Kenneth Clarke Blk (post-a).
Sector 264 - Chapman Pincher Blk (pre-a), Louis Simson Blk (post-a).
Sector 265 - Fred Gee Blk (post-a), Garner Ted Armstrong Blk (pre-a), Googie Withers Blk (post-a), Resyk North.
Sector 267 - Bill Werbenuik Blk (post-a), DeLorean Luxy- Blk (post-a), James Dean Blk (pre-a).
Sector 269 - Parthenon (d.2104).
Sector 270 - Mega-Studios, Mick McMahon Blk (pre-a).
Sector 271 - Gorbachev Estate (post-a), Stratford Johns Blk (post-a).
Sector 272 - Jumbo Cummings Blk (post-a), Paul Gado Bock (pre-a), Shakin' Stevens Blk (pre-a), Tom Mix Blk (post-a).
Sector 273 - Little Venice, Mega-City Art Gallery.
Sector 274 - David Niven Blk (post-a), Ned Kelly Blk (post-a).
Sector 275 - Arnold Stang Blk (pre-a), Burt Lancaster Blk (d.2104), Casanova Blk (d.2104), Charlton Heston Luxy-Blk (pre-a), Ricardo Montalban Luxy-Blk (d.2104), Ricardo Montalban II Luxy-Blk (post-a).
Sector 276 (1) - Allan Ginsberg Blk (d.2126), Betty Crocker Blk (post-a), The Ezra Pound Hole (d.2126), Henry Kissinger Blk (post-a), Maja Jeffrey Blk (post-a), Pancho Villa Blk (post-a), Rikki Fulton Blk (d.2103). Sector 277 - AB-L's Smokatorium (d.2126), Dixy Plasteen Complex (d.2103).
Sector 278 - Eldo Cleaver Blk (post-a), Matt Hodgman Blk (pre-a), New Jack Blk (post-a).
Sector 279 - Imran Khan Blk (post-a), Martin Sheen Blk (post-a), Olly North Blk (pre-a).
Sector 280 - Dan Tanna Blk (post-a), Enid Blyton Blk (post-a).
Sector 281 - Downside Pipeway (d.2104), Ed Hillary Blk (pre-a), Mario Lanza Blk (pre-a).
Sector 282 - Connie Booth Blk (post-a), J T Edson Blk (post-a), Snyder Complex.
Sector 292 - Harry Cross Conapts (post-a).
Sector 295 - H G Wells Plaza, Sump Tower Hotel.
Sector 297 - Hilary Briss Lux-Apts (post-a), Tactical Command Bunker North.
Sector 300 - Northways Bridge.

Northwest Hab-Zone


Misc - Hell's Highway, Nuke Alley.
Sector 301 - Barrio District (post-a), Hope Rise (posta), Krickland Stackers, Reeber's Reclam (post-a), The Rock, 7th Heaven Conapts (post-a), The Sin Bin (pre-a), Toledo Flats Precinct (post-a), Traffic Substation Alamo, Transcola Stackers, Vicaro Precinct (feat. John Prescott Blk, pre-a), Welbeck Conapts (post-a). Sector 303 - Shaftoe Street Stackers, St Doris Day Hospital, Wallgate Savings & Loan.
(1) - Partially-destroyed in 2126; widespread collateral damage and radiation contamination.
(2) - Destroyed during the Apocalypse War.

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