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The Ravenar Sagas

The Unsung Saga

Time: 989 AD Six heroic warriors from the village of Dagvell located on the southern coast of what is today Norway set sail in the Knorr (longship), Ravenar. Five young and unproven and one veteran.

  • Finn (17) - The designer and builder of the Ravenar, armed with an axe and a bow.
    • Jason (Image #3)
    • Character sheet Front Back
  • Hoskuld (17) - A large, powerful warrior armed with a great axe and famous for his war horn.
    • Victor (Image #2)
    • Character sheet Front Back
  • Askell (20) - A Norse minstrel (Skald) armed with an GǣenchantedGǥ ancient Celtic sword.
    • Andrew (Image #1)
    • Character sheet Front Back
  • Eske (16) - The pilot and navigator of the Ravenar, who does battle with a spear and bow.
  • Gizur (20) - A highly skilled swordsman who is also a skilled healer.
    • Marissa (Image #5)
    • Character sheet Front Back
  • Magnor (32) - A grizzled one-eyed veteran raider who's a decade older than the other men
    • Michael (Image #7)
    • Character sheet Front Back

Replacement Characters

    • Note: For the purposes of the Ravenar campaign, replacement characters should be related to the deceased (ie younger brothers, cousins or childhood friends), and should have similar skills because all party members fit key roles. For the purposes of Occupation“ treat the skills of the previous character as their occupation skills.”

The Second Saga

Time: 992 AD Just three years after the events of GǣThe Unsung SagaGǥ the crew of the Ravenar sets out again, this time to the town of Neskaslya in Iceland. This time they journey to a yuletide celebration not into adventure, or so they think. After their arrival in the new holdings of their old friend Svengar strange things start happening.


Fourth session is at the GM's house at 6.3pm on Friday 25th November.


This game will be played at night at (or after) 7pm. Fortnightly or less rarely. Starting the first week in August.

Player Information

You can add some colour to your character with an image and a motto. You can generate mottos here - I can turn photos into olde-worlde illustrations fairly easily for your character sheet. GM notes

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