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Questions on the Campaign

For the players, from the GM

Do you have a favourite Skyloft City to trade with?

Albert "Albi" Kardde: The homes of Evelyn and Darcy

What do you trade in?

Albert "Albi" Kardde: Fabric (it's really good for hiding small items in)

How did you get aboard the Wilde Karrde?

Albert "Albi" Kardde: Albert stole it from the Neo-Victorians, and took it to the nearest Skyloft City in search of a crew, where he met Evelyn & Darcy. When he stole the ship, he didn't realise that Lewis was a stowaway.

Any major themes you wish to explore?

Albert "Albi" Kardde: Albert dislike authority and injustice, wants to amass wealth and be a thorn in the side of the Neo Victorians - as long as it doesn't attract too much attention. However, wealth is just a way of keeping score - the actual game is what drives him. So the bigger and more famous the heist, the better.

What goals do you have?

Albert "Albi" Kardde: Albert left his partner to take the heat/wrap for the theft - she wasn't able to get onboard the ship in time. So at some stage he'd like to rescue her.

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